9 Death

There are some days on the tzolkin I can honestly say are not among my favorite….today is one of those days. I will try to remain upbeat and I expect the best always, this 9 Death day has not held up a good track record though. It is a new era, however, and quite possibly I can use the accelerated vibrations to change the past to make this one of the better days I have ever lived through! (or you could have been born on a 9 ik, tzi, ix, tijax or kame day, in which case you probably think today is freakin’ awesome and what the hell do I know!)

I had heard that web-bots were predicting some major catastrophic event or blackout was going to happen today, but as of this morning nothing too major has been reported in the lame stream news. The big changes have always been happening on the soul level, not really translating into third dimensional reality just yet. There have been some powerful twisters in the mid-western US and yesterday’s 8 Serpent was definitely the conductor of that energy. Tornadoes are “Serpents of the Air”.

Oh, there was one particularly bad 9 Death day, Jan. 12, 2010! That was the day of the Haiti earthquake. There was lots of death happening that day, and someone important in my life got arrested! I am praying hard for the healing of all that catastrophe and the residual emotions that linger to this 9 Death day.

I tried to play a gig once on a 9 Death day and it went absolutely bad. Nobody showed up and I ended a relationship I was quite fond of at the time. I don’t expect any good parties tonight. It may be that a new connection can be created now. It certainly would be a good idea to listen for what the Ancestors are trying to tell you. Perhaps they want you to hook up with someone new! I leave that door open.

I plan to be hearing from the Ancestors today…I am offering free Maya Tarot card readings (I guess they are not really “Tarot” but better!)

I have my art hanging at Jo on the Go in San Marcos,TX (University Dr.) and welcome anyone who wishes to come see it an opportunity to consult the Ancestors on their fate and destiny! (Just let me know what time you want to be there, yo!)

Lots of Love!



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