11 rabbit, silly rabbit

Hey, if you are feeling kinda strange, join the club, it’s a beautiful day but odd vibes seem to surround us.

“Let a major sacrifice be conducted” – I Ching

I love myself whole heartedly.

What do I need to do to get everyone else to love me too, is the question.

Subconsciously it seems there is lots of work still to be done.

If I loved myself more would you love me more? Would it inspire you to buy one of my paintings if I loved myself more?

There is inner transformation happening today, it may be why we are feeling queesy in our guts.

11 Rabbit means a change in our fertility and attitudes to abundance. My attitude is that I am grateful for the gifts that I have in my life. I still have earthly desires and goals that require sacrifice of money and time and resources. So I feel dread at the prospect of not being able to provide for myself basic needs of 3-D existence. It may be that I secretly do not love myself enough to tell you, my dear audience, why you must donate to my coffers. Are you not convinced that I am totally awesome, or turned off by the fact I need to say it?

It would be much easier to have someone else tell you how freakin cool I am, but they need to get paid to say that! Too many people, it seems have their minds made up already and it is a waste of energy to try to convince them of anything new.

I am a Taurus in Western astrology and I can smell the BS, even in my own ideas. So I have backed off asking for clients for Maya astrology charts and have been doing Maya card readings for free.

It is not that I am not confident in what I teach. I only am trying to promote my work without sounding as if I am asking for a hand out. What I offer is of extreme spiritual value and it took me years to figure all this out and perfect my skills, artistically musically and as a shaman.

Why I should be experiencing material lack right now is highly disconcerting.

I would like to blame “others”, but I teach about unity consciousness, so there can be no other to blame that would not be pointing at my own shortcomings. I could get angry, but then “they” would say , “ew, i won’t buy something from him, he’s dark and angry!”. I could remain patient and kind….but that is what I always do and it hasn’t worked out all that great either.

What would be ideal is if you could understand that my survival equals your survival and me thriving equals you thriving also. Transferring money to my hands right now would be a great boon to humanity, if you can imagine all I am going to do with the funds. My art and music are community treasures and need to be promoted as such and respected. There is a group of professionals ready to help me as soon as I can get help from the YOU-niverse!

Donations link at Www.Cosmicjaguar.com!
Please see the page above about donations needed to keep this blog running….thanks!

p.s. Go Ill-eagles! Beat los Bierdos!



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