12 Toj – Blood suckers beware!

Hey, if you’ve given your power away, get it back!

So we may be in debt, but how sweet it is to be enjoying the life right now!

I am thankful for a new consciousness repatterning tool that can now be had for free. I know it is helping me to find new answers to old questions of the origin of my life’s difficultiies.

Last night as I explored life beyond the physical realities, i got messages relating to areas of my life i have been all too conscious of as being out of balance. I did not get the deeper answer to my career path like I was wanting to see, most of the message was personal and oddly the most important part was about politics!

We must cut the head off the Beast that keeps us silent and closed to the truth we all feel in our hearts. They stand and speak candy words to soften the pain of truth. “Let’s not look there, let’s pretend we are doing the best thing as we destroy our personal liberties along with the environment!”

Blood suckers, your time is over, I choose to thrive in wealth and love together!



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