13tzi Cosmic Dog


Thanks to my Cosmic family, I am feeling a little more hopeful now than I have for a month or so. Here I am still relating time to the seasons!

This past 13 days has been a tough test of love overcoming fear. Life flows in rhythms and on purpose. Ultimately it is always love that draws the conclusions and opens hearts to new beginnings.

The hemispheric synchronization has been working like a charm. I feel I am shaking loose the chains of the five senses and three gunas. Driving off the wheel of karma, stopping the spin of the 12 spoked wheel of dependent co-creation. I guess Jesus would say we are living in the realm of the Heaven within all of us!

The stream-enterer has washed up on the sea of tranquility.

Yesterday we had an impromptu meeting of the Sacred Springs Alliance. Perfect timing for a 12 Water day. There are more developers trying to force themselves into our sacred space. We decided the best defense is a good offense, and decided to push for turning San Marcos Spring into a UNESCO World Heritage site! Education will be a huge factor in making this a success. People have to understand now that the Earth is indeed Sacred and we have in our backyard an amazing example of Her beauty and power.

The city coucil meeting is at 6pm tonight so i hope to see all my fellow San Martians down there!





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