One Monkey, Hilo!

Welcome to the middle of the Maya tzolkin calendar! Day #131 of 260. I describe this day as kind of like being on top of a Giant Ferris Wheel. It has been tough getting to the top, but now we get a great view of what is around us! We truly are connected by a common thread of God Source energy. You are not the only one going through this rough time. You are not alone when you succeed.

There can be no blame.  If something bad happens to you, it is just because the natural path that your consciousness and the “other’s” acted in a perfectly logical way according to the mental, emotional and spiritual constructs that we hold collectively in the etheric realms.

Today we need to hold our vision open wider than ever.  To walk in the goal of having achieved personal mastery.  Like ants that come to eat our crumbs, so too we are merely acting our part on this earth.  Learn to look up onto the world beyond our physicality.  Look at the old religious beliefs systems we all hold, it is actually the systems that have a hold of us, and it goes back thousands and thousands of years.  As each generation cannot break free they hammer it into their children and they hammer it into their children, now we come to a point of focus and we all are All-knowing Beings.  As friend told me today, “The Truth is the unknowable moment to moment.  Once we think to look at something it is already gone into a new state.”

I can give myself heart palpitations right now if I worried about the debt hole I am digging right now or I can visualize how awesome life is and how good it will feel when the You-niverse opens up and starts giving.

I have been giving FREE maya tarot card readings at Jo on the Go in San Marcos.  Anyone who wants to come by, and see my artwork just let me know when you can be there.

Skype is a great tool also!  “Cosmicjaguar”

Peace and Love!



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