4 Jaguar! Do not Cross the cat’s path!

Ok so I always love jaguar days, today is no exception, just be sure not to cross the line!

Some things in life are realities that need facing. It is time I made my own way in the world and investors can know the payoff will be huge! I am hiring my Angles to promote my music and spiritual ideals to an Awakening new humanity.

If you could not see it yet, Ascension means that we exist in higher dimensional realities than the 3 we knew and loved. Mother Nature is Going into contractions the Tsunami last year was the water bursting!

This is why we began seeing orbs and now Violet Flames like the one shooting out the top of Chichen Itza that has been in the news

The story my “Grandmothers” told is of Astronaut who asked why there was always a Purple light above New Zealand when the satellite orbited the Earth. Their prophecy had spoken of a “spaceman” asking that same question.

We each exude power! Can you feel mine? The floor of the Tantra coffeeshop is bouncing like an earthquake from the force of the lighting outside right now! Fun stuff!

My Mom just called me to say she and my Dad are going to Israel so my Dad can be baptized in the Jordan River! They are leaving the day after I am leaving for Sedona! So they will be in one holy land and I in another! The Maya calendar day they leave will be 11 Crocodile, which is my Mom’s tzolkin birthday!

I have a new way you can donate to Violet Flame Records! GoFundMe!

Remember, “….ain’t no use in gettin’ up tight, just let it groove it’s own way!”

jimi h.

My work hanging at Jo on the Go


Art work at Tantra, San Marcos, Tx by Aimee Jones. She had a great reception here on 2 Road day. .


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