6 owl, UFO base under Enchanted Rock?

I was at Enchanted Rock on a couple of cycles back, it was fall 2010. I was with Spence and my cuz Adrian and his girlfriend. We met a shaman from Houston. He taught us healing techniques for our chakras, how to energetically send and receive love and that there was a UFO base under Enchanted Rock we could get into by meditating by a certain tree at the top and asking our higher guides for permission. I started to see the tree light up a bright yellow, but got distracted by other people talking around me.

I started thinking “Everyone shut the hell up, I’m trying to get i to the UFO base!”. Then I lost my concentration….oh well….

There was lots of healing then, and today I had my trial postponed until May. I can’t really say much about that now….I’m gonna go find a big rock to chill out on.



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