8 Tijax, mirror knife interdimensional beings


There were 8 of us present for the meeting about going to do energy work in Sedona.

We plan to activate higher dimensional consciousness up to the ninth level. (sound familiar?)

Open Source Information, World Information network, Project I.R.I.S. …Will these be names to go down in history….or some fanciful whim? It won’t be at all if I cannot accomplish the most serious manifestation I ever dreamed….or always dreamed. Did I dream big enough? Eclipse Music vol. I happened 12Owl, the day I woke up at 3am to compose my first full song on Ableton Live. I did a song called 8Tijax Mirror Reflection, too!

Soul food tonight for sure, bouldin creek cafe, ummmm.

oh, so remember when i used to write about patittcha samupatta? The 12 spoke wheel of dependent co-origination? Well, it’s back.perhaps by activating the twelve point in the star tetrahedron we can release our selves from that wheel .

That sounds like the plan we are going to attempt in Sedona. I see myself on a red mountaintop with a feathered headband, not the same one I usually wear.

One of my companions tonight had a de-ionizing pen. It looked like a light pen and it certainly lit up my pineal gland when I placed it on my third eye.

Love Rain over me, let the drops continue to fall in the abundance box! Hearts of gold are all that matter now, have you found yours? Stop searching!



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