Black Hole Sun day

If life has been cloudy lately, think of it as an eclipse that shall soon pass.

The past 20 days have been a struggle for sure. Big changes happen tomorrow, 11 Crocodile, so sit still for now, some new light may manifest before it is over.

One new light that has dawned for me is realizing I AM a Jaguar Sun Priest.

Simply because nobody else stepped up to do the job.

I do not just pray for Mother Nature, I actively protest the injustices and set the stage for new ideas for her protection to flourish.

I help individuals to make sense out of the chaos of their lives. I speak truth when others are comfortable with lies or ignorance.

I create complex Enlightening multi-dimensional music while everyone wants a simplistic melody to forget about their darkside.

I ask for donations when it ought to be clear that my work is energetic and deserves monetary support. I create reality, but I Am confronted by stubborn conformists who only see the numbers.

I fractal out of this conformist reality now into the world where the People are fascinated by my art, music and spiritual leadership.

Can you feel it, kind of how we are all on the edge of a cliff about to leap off, but in truth we have always been soaring, at least since last October!

If I am to go to Sedona at this point it would seem a little time sensitive. There have been moments like this in my past. Before my first Sacred Journey with Don Alejandro, I was sweating bullets wondering how my life was going to turn out, now I am at another precipice in life and now have to prove to my self I can fly. I may just take some paintings to Sedona to sell…..

Peace out….




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