11 Crocodile, hypnotized!

Lord help me deal with all in love and harmony….Intend a new beginning. Intend change! This. cycle ends on 4 Ahau. That means we have 280 days until the controversy ends. If the shift has not been as dramatic as you were expecting, don’t stop expecting yet! Just intend that the shift is fast easy and fun! 4 ahau on ancient stelae and pottery meant “First Father raised the World Tree”. So that is a patriarchal reference. Now some folks are expecting the Plumed Serpent to come after a plague of blood vomiting. This may well happen but does not change the fact that the real clendar ended last. october.

The big problem with Maya calendar experts is they seldom teach that he days have distinct and discernible meanings. Crocodiles always make changes at the very start, eleven crocodile is my Mom’s tzolkin day and she is getting a wish come true going to the Holy land in Isreal. My Dad is going to be baptized in the river Jordan! If I get the funds I can be in Sedona for an Earth activation…..we’ll see.

Of course, I teach that we have already made the “shift”….oct. 28, 2011. It is now only a matter of letting go of the old ways of greed. Did you not notice how happy people are who got out of the corporate world in favor of being their own boss and doing their own thing?

Now I AM always successful and rich! I have love to share still! My art was always of the future prophecies, now the future is all around us.

Show me the Money! Just consider it paper love that must be shared to be of value!

Being a shaman is hard, thankless work. Please show your support by Donating at the paypal link on my home page http://www.Cosmicjaguar.com!

Thanks Universe, I am on my way to Sedona on Monday, 13Akbal!


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