Life after Sedona, 6 Toj/water

Wow, to say things are accelerating is an understatement, we are gathering all of like minds into a mass consciousness event. “The event horizon of the century”. Coming to terms with our past traumas and letting them go while opening our minds to walking within higher dimensions…can ya dig?

We are blessed to all be here to witness this alarming leap in humankind’s evolution.

Although I have yet to reach the material goals I have been trying to achieve, the sheer number of new friends I have made and emotions I have let go has been worth the price of admission.

This is the key, making the leap off the grid. stop believing you “need” it so much as you deserve it. We each are a master of our light bodies, the Merkaba structure should not be merely a nice sounding concept to wonder whether or not it is real, it simply is the structure of all things in the universes and all processes of though, feeling, consciousness, nature, sciences, all follow these cute little light bubbles twisting around each other creating eyes, flowers, kaleidoscopes, serpents, Aliens working at light tables….kinda like an iPad, creation flame ship, Source energy.

We do work at this.

Thought patterns create our reality, so yes, what you are Is right and awesome and cool and such….

….And can be improved!

Fruits of the Tree of life, we bloom again just like previous seasons around the galactic center, not merely the solar center!

“Remembering, high the memory, carry on! While our souls may start to linger, sail away amongst our dreams”

(Yes, Tales from Topographic Oceans)

So can I. Carlos Cedillo, start a calendric Revolution? Music, art, light, fun, brilliant, captivating? Can my weaknesses become sources of magic creation, my flaws into advanages, meaning abundance is transmutable into other forms besides currency – ahh, electricity of soul?

In Sedona on 4 Deer, we were gifted four Lemurian green quartz crystals with coded striations.

I put it on my heart and feel healing like tiger balm. I wrapped mine in green copper and wear it with a cross made of two nails and wire wrap that a friend gifted me.

Don’t throw up any blockages! I know you want to hang up on that one person telling you the truth, but this time hang on and hear them out….you could be getting a message from their Christ consciousness you need to hear!




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