8 Batz/Monkey/Thread Happy New Year…sort of!

Hey, Today is a day that the Maya initiate new Daykeepers!!!  If you are ready to learn about the Maya calendar, today would be your best day ever…until 260  days from now.

I have consistently asked for donations, but today is a real charge for the info. $60 for one hour of knowing cool stuff about Time and the Universe that only a Maya Daykeeper can share.

..and it is all Personalized for you!

email cosmicjaguar@yahoo.com with your birthday info, and any days you wish to learn about!

Now of course this is not a new “Year” because a year is a Gregorian calendar construct.  It is technically not the first day of the tzolkin either.  It is merely that today’s vibrational signature is conducive to understanding the ultimate essence of Time.   The Thread is woven through all our thoughts and activities today and we have just to follow the One Thread of existence to have a grasp on all the worlds issues and stuff in the Universes.

I had an epiphany last night on personal issues and feel an amazing burden has been lifted from my shoulders!  It was 7 Dog yesterday so family/friends/lovers issues were out in front and brought into balance.

I feel optimistic the financial problems I have been grappling with may finally reach critical mass enough to make a shift into the Black finally.  I hope and pray it may be so.

It is more a matter of Personal Validation that my work is understood and appreciated by society at large.  The universe may have other plans for me but my goal remains to sell sell sell!

Let go of burdens you cannot handle carrying any more.  I let go of a classical guitar I had no time to play anymore.  This was one of the most difficult sacrifices I ever made, but the time was right and I feel so much better now.  I can buy another when I get my career off the basement floor, under the rug, behind the dusty filing cabinet and remove the cobwebs….you get what I’m saying….

I AM not part of the “System” and have not been for decades.  Yet, there remains too  many people unwilling to let go and risk true Freedom.  So I have to play along with the delusion that money is needed.  I have bills and I have Art to sell, so it is a matter of art lovers coming out of the closet and spending their currency on what I have created.

So, I Am back and ready for another day of adventure!!!!!  Join me please! and keep the donation box flashing!

Much Love,


UPDATE – Aug. 29, 2013 – 8 Thread.   (520 days after original post)

WOW!  Did I really say I had given up Classical guitar??!?!?!??!  NOW I am once again fully committed to it!!!  It is the ART that I no longer work on.   I feel the same optimism about money now that I felt when I wrote this originally.  I guess I should tamp down that optimism this time and realize it is only a phase and the real money is still nowhere to be found, but through the generosity of a small handful of friends and family I would be living under a bridge somewhere.

The Universe certainly had a different plan for me and it involved NOT selling my work.  How can this situation change this time around?

“I Manifest in the NOW all the Capital $$$ that I need to take my message out far and wide around the entire planet and to have my OWN Home place and support all the Love I wish to create around me.”

“Freedom and Dignity and Respect are values ALL other humans recognize in me and I receive ALL I have earned through my own creative processes.”

I will go wherever I am invited to speak, lead ceremonies, perform music and display my paintings, photography and digital creations.

I feel no resentment to those who ignored or disrespected my work in the past.  Those times are not ever returning and all is forgiven.

Personal readings are now $100 but will take $60 if you reference this post!

Also, anyone reading this post can get a free Mayan “Mixing Divination”.   Valid until 13 Owl day!!!

4 Ajpu (Ahau) is coming up also, that will be 260 days since Dec. 21, 2012, so you can bet some serious vibrations will be felt as the “World Tree” we planted begins to sprout new roots and shoots!!!!

Next 13 day gathering will be Cosmic Music day, 13 Owl, Sept. 3rd, 2013 at my place!

Much love,

Carlos Cedillo

P.S. Please ask to join my new group 13 Day Soul kin Gatherings!


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