10 Reed, Darth Vader day?..dark father

Hey, sometimes kids need discipline! Sometimes a master needs a disciple!

Practical reality is there and must be dealt with, no matter how wishy washy we are feeling.

It is actually a joy to get the stuff done so you can enjoy yourself and feel a little more confident and secure. Sometimes minions need prodding, just as tender shoots need fertilizer.

Allowing the emotions to stand in the way might be good on a Water day or a Wind day, but today is the staff, the reed of measurement, the straight lines and right angles of the masculine that give shape and form to the chaotic, whimsical feminine.

Tomorrow will be back to the Feminine energy, but with great changes!

A group of Light workers are going to the Alamo to do some heavy karmic clearing! It feels awesome to participate in this work. Even if the rest of the world goes about it’s normal routine, we are creating the change we wish to see in the world and forcing the dark old energies to move out of our way!

Being a Lightworker is not for sissies! It is a great burden to carry the weight of the World’s karma for transmutation. Most of the energy shifts occur due to our own personal trauma clearing, memory recovery, chakra balancing, etc….we are the ones we have waited for, so now what are you gonna do about it?



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