13 Owl, Cosmic Reconciliation

Well, there are times in this life where breaking points are reached, and I hope you’ve reached a few in the past two weeks or so.

There was a groups of lightworkers at the Alamo on Friday, 11 Jaguar. We cleared lots of that dark hurtful energy and planted seeds of healing, justice, forgiveness, humility, perseverance, courage and other positive virtues.

For me personally, the work is helping me clear negative energies of revenge, anger, hurt, lust (which is tied to the anger and revenge), jealousy and possessiveness, I could not comprehend before why I would be accused of holding anger and dark energies. I generally think of myself as a pacifist and lover of Freedom for all, but unconsciously I seem to be projecting my anger on those sensitive to those particular energies, especially when I feel I’ve been treated unfairly. This is now come to an end! (I hope). At least it is now on the surface to be cleared once and for all. There is so much of that Machismo in Mexican-American culture, and Latino culture in general everywhere, that it is hard for other peoples to look past that to who I am at the core. Those who know me well can see that I am not like those projections at all.

I got to get to church…will write more later….

It was a nice service today at Unity of Wimberley, Tx.  The theme was going into the Lion’s Den!  Boy, did that resonate!  I have cut the final cords of attachment to people and things that have caused me too much grief to be worth holding onto.  The Lion’s den for me is the truth of my Freedom and more importantly, the responsibility that comes with that freedom.

To be in joy that all my prayers have already been answered instead of the fear that maybe I will be consumed by Lions of debt and rejection, that is big.





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