Well, back to work!

One earth is one thought, one vibration, one lock of hair, one plume of incense smoke.

To be One with the Earth is to be in Divine Harmony with resonating frequencies of light going around the earth.

This painting is available as a print only. $50. Other new pieces I have done in a similar style are available!

It seems to me that people are opening up to my message – and by doing so realizing I am provided what I need and deserve including the monetary support and friends offering encouragement to continue in this role as Shaman for the People of Texas and beyond….The greatest satisfaction I get is when someone buys a piece of my art or hires me to perform music (solo guitar or electronic space jazz). So long as the message I deliver is for the Good of the All. Obviously many Lightworkers are in the same boat right now. There is a price to pay for wisdom!!! I can help lots of other people after I get my career security. for now it is one donation or one sell at a time that gets me by! Love you all.

I hope you planted some seeds today, and found some time to meditate.
Tomorrow is 2 Flint, or Mirror, the Obsidian blade. So just imagine what it is like standing between two mirrors and seeing the repetition for infinity. It will be a great day for cutting out ideas or beliefs that create duality




2 thoughts on “1Earth

  1. Saint Germain

    Use my Sacred Violet Flame, and the Fire Breathing Dragons and the Pentecostal Flame to burn away iniquities, and unfair genetic damage. Burn away all aggressive actions, my brother. At-one yourself, making ammends to those you have harmed. Raise up your sisters, and brothers, and lovers! Be free in right action, and just cause. You are celebrated throughout the universe not only in your artwork communications, but even more so by the art of your just actions, your just words, your correction of past unkind, unjust, selfish acts. It is time to cleanse, and make good to our sacred brothers and sisters. To ask foregiveness, to show remorse, repentance, restraint, renewal. Trust the Universe.

    Call on my Holy Brother, Esa Immanuel Sananda and witness during this sacred week of rememberance of HIs magnificent kind ways, how to demonstrate your sincerity in bringing the heavenly realms to earth, in action, by word, works, and deed. Call on Mother Mary, and Quan Yin, and other great feminine guides to right vibration. Use your weakness, go inside of it, and illuminate your soul, and those you have harmed, as well as helped, use your Cosmic Reconcilliation and the wisdom of the Owl to see in the darkness of the soul. I Am Saint Germain, and I Am your Holy Brother!

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