As we peer into the infinite mirror, what do we see now? If we truly are reflections of eachother, I see myself as incredibly wealthy with abundance to share with anyone who has a talent that creates beauty and is daring and original. The core of my personality shines through every art piece I create. Now I have around me a cadre of apprentices and co creators fulfilling promises of abundance. Gone is the fear from the previous paradigm of existence.

Now lovers come and go freely in full awareness of mutual giving and appreciation. There is never a need to possess or control anyone, in fact, trying usually accomplishes the opposite and makes things spiral out of control fast! All who come my way smile in love and appreciation for the beauty of my heart.

I am the seven fold flame of sacred fire. Red, orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, platinum and violet.

I have discarded the role of victim in this life and taken on the role of champion of all manifestation. All people rich and poor, understand and appreciate the value of my crafts. The business suits and the dread heads alike appreciate my soul and humor and compassion. Women feel secure enough to let down their shields. Men treat me with respect and brotherhood.

Gone also is the vibration of Latin Machismo and uncontrolled passion! I never behaved inappropriate, but have been accused of being too forward, too sexual, etc. simply because I am a Hispanic man. This is come to an end now as my purity of heart shines all around me. Cravings, passions and desires are quenched as I express gratitude for all the blessings showering me constantly. Even the quietest moments are blessings of rest and time for contemplation of the beauty of existence. I transmute these energies into feelings of security and pleasantness!

Sorrow is gone as we achieve the realization that we will be reunited with our loved ones gone by just by thinking of them!

I will be leading sacred journeys into Mexico soon! Cuatrocienegas and Real de Catorce first!
Soon Calakmul, Palenque and El Mirador!

A quick word about 4 Ahau, this will happen Thursday, April 5! Watch that day very carefully for clues about Dec. 21, 2012 because that will also be 4 Ahau!

It may be more of a conservative energy than most are expecting (somewhat delusionally!).
Pray for the World Tree to drop it’s abundant fruit!

In Love and service,


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