Not the End! Brace for disappointment. Then joy!

If you are among the millions of people waiting to see what will happen, Dec 21, 2012, the so called “end” of the Mayan calendar, I hate to tell you, but you missed it already! Dr. Carl Johann Calleman was the only serious researcher who got it right. Oct. 28, 2011 was the peak of the energy between the old world and the new one.

Now having said this, I have to explain a great deal why this is so. Being an artist, not a scientist, lets me get away with telling the unembellished truth!

First off, it is very very important to understand the Mayan calendar is not merely a way of counting and labeling days one at a time. Also, the cycle of the Earth going around the sun is hardly prominent in the Mayan calendar at all! What it actually describes is the evolution of consciousness through 9 dimensions.

There are many important cycles all being counted simultaneously. The most important is the Tzolkin cycle of 260 days, this is the sacred personal calendar. I like to call this cycle the DNA of the Universe. It is your birthday on this calendar that determines your personal characteristics and can be studied to discover many wonderful things about your relationships. Spoiler alert! This calendar was created by counting two cycles of 20 for our fingers and toes and 13 for our major joints – ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck. There is also the Haab calendar of 18 “months” of 20 days, plus the five days of wayeb that were generally considered unlucky. There was some significance to this 365 day calendar for determining when to light a “new fire” but generally it was not a spiritual calendar like the tzolkin is.

Then there is the Long-count calendar that was used for large scale prophecies. This runs kind of like an odometer, or like the way we label computer software upgrades. Each position of this odometer runs twenty counts except for the second position that counts 18 clicks forming the 360 day tun cycle. For many years this was the biggest mystery to me – why did they choose to count only 18 clicks in this part of the calendar? If they were merely counting days, then what difference does it make if they used a 400 day cycle? Clearly something profound is happening here.

As it turns out, 360 is the number below 500 that can be factored the most different ways. That makes it versatile, flexible and creative. By counting using 360 days for the tun cycle, all the larger cycles also are allowed to be as infinitely creative. Every 360 days we have a spiritual birthday that is how we actually develop and mature as people.

Imagine that day and night are like the ones and zeros in your computer. Now of course it takes a long time to get very much information accounted for, but this is basically what the Mayan calendar does. It is an analog super-computer!

So about that Dec. 21, 2012 date. Apparently all the hubbub is that since the great cycle of 5125 years began on Aug. 15, 3114 B.C., a day called 4 Ahau 8 Cumku, that it would also end when that day came around again. So the first fly in the ointment I always see is that all the cycles are base 20, which means that the “end” of any cycle would be the day before it started. In other words, the end would be 3 Kawok (rainstorm) not 4 Ahau, which would be the beginning of a new cycle. The next fly in the ointment I see is that the Ahau days are always at the end of any cycle, so why this was noted as the start of anything is questionable to me. The academics are cringing right now, so before you stop reading just hear me out.

There are several stalea (stone carvings) in the Maya lands that point back in time to this day 4 Ahau. What several interpretations have read is that on this day “First Father raised the World-tree”. What this says to me is that this was the beginning of a Patriarchal cycle. The day was chosen not because it was the beginning of something but rather for its symbology. 4 means spreading out in the 4 directions, Ahau stands for the Sun and Ancestors. So naturally kings would want their lineage tied to their powerful male ancestor who ruled over everything just like the Sun.

We are now moving to a time where the masculine and feminine energies must become balanced and integrated. The appropriate day that would symbolize such a change would be 13 Ahau and indeed we achieved such a status on October 28, 2011. 13 is the union of masculine and feminine. This date also falls inside of the Venus Transit portal – June 8, 2004 (6 Wind) to June 6, 2012 (1 Wind). We held a ceremony on Oct. 28, 2011 in San Marcos, TX with the Waitaha Grandmothers of New Zealand who chose that day without knowledge of Dr. Calleman’s work. Carl had been here in 2005 to teach a two day seminar with Anette Carlstrom, a Deeksha giver from Sweden. Two interesting asides here, Aquarena Springs, where we held the ceremony was in the process of being returned to its natural state, and during those renovations, a burial from at least 5000 years ago was discovered right next to where we held the ceremony! San Marcos’ springs is now being called the oldest consistently inhabited place in North America!

So as I sit and write this article on April 6, 2012, yesterday was 4 Ahau! My intention was to have this article out by then, but I was very ill. That brings me to another bit of prophecy about 4 Ahau from the Chilam Balam. “The spirit of yellow death will come, blood vomit will come; The Plumed Serpent will come behind them”. Sounds kind of apocalyptic to our Judeo-Christian ears, but doesn’t mention the end of time or the world or anything. I was certainly feeling like yellow death!

The Chilam Balam prophecy for 13 Ahau on the other hand states pretty emphatically that it is the “Holy completion of Time, Truly”. Apparently this is not a conclusive enough statement for most academics determined to sell us Dec. 21, 2012 as the end of time. Then it also states, “The end of the Word of God will provoke universal baptism through the resurrection of the Holy Spirit”. Again, a pretty blunt statement about an End, and also a great description of the ceremony we performed at Aquarena Springs with the Waitaha grandmothers! Watch this (password: turtleisland)

So the academics are pulling their hair out at this, gnashing their teeth at how it just can’t be so! Well, I was not a great college student, but I know how to follow my heart and follow the truth where it leads me.

Looking back at the nine levels of consciousness as described in the long-count, another way of describing it is like ripples on waves, upon swells, upon currents, upon tides upon lunar cycles, etc.
As we approached the top of the nine-level time-pyramid, all of that energy from the lower levels got pushed up the funnel and squirted out faster and faster. You can liken it to a bell curve that had sloping angles that are now zooming straight up. Dr. Calleman was brave enough to propose a new cycle not written in stone by the Maya, but nonetheless implied by it – that was the ninth level with 13 periods of 18 days that began March 9th, 2011, just two days before the Tsunami stuck Japan March 11, 2011. That day was 3 Water on the Tzolkin by the way, the number 3 implying motion.

To conclude, my predictions for Dec. 21, 2012 is that it will be a bit of a dud. There might be some great new prophecies declared by the Shamans at Chichen Itza, between the Cirque du Soleil performances, but Don Alejandro and other Mayan elders have already stated emphatically that they do not believe this day will be anything significant. I hope there is no plague, but that is one possibility. Looking back at previous 4 Ahau days, the fact is that it is a very conservative, patriarchal day. November 2, 2010 was a 4 Ahau day. Remember what happened then? Conservatives retook the US congress…yuck! That made me want to throw up blood. Some good things have happened on 4 Ahau days so I don’t completely discount this days’ potency. Just remember you read it here first and be happy that the old world energies are beyond the point of return and just let go of your old BS (belief systems) and let the new love in!

P.S. Celestial Jaguars may return to devour the Universe, but that will happen in less than a nano-second and unless you are really paying attention you may not notice….but that’s an entirely different article.


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