Ending the charade 8 Net, 9 serpent, 10 death

I have been thinking about a story I did not want to write, because it involves breaking into other people’s headspace that, quite frankly I see where they are coming from, but they may still deserve a very metaphorical smack in the head . Maybe this is something I could have let go. Then It occurred to me I need to let all the new people in my world know what I went through to maintain the Beingness of who I AM.

The Deer medicine woman said it nicely, my world is so abundant, it is by Great Spirit’s grace that my father provided me with all that he has. I am laying in a hammock by the Guadalupe River with giant cypress trees and a Great Blue Heron’s nest on the island. I play music or work on paintings, I write my blog. It is very idyllic and serene.

Two people could not understand my spiritual quest better. They are well known by every one who meets them as the coolest parents in the world. We traveled the globe for as long as I have been on this planet.

The story I did not want to write is that often I meet folks who do not appreciate that my life is what it is and that being on my path is expensive and to go where I want and where I need to go for spiritual work takes cash sometimes. It must seem odd to some that I have never had what is refferred to as a “real” job. I used to play classical guitar regularly, but my real work is as an electronic music composer….that’s not true, my real job is Jaguar Sun Priest. My job is to interpret the Glyph of the Maya calendar days and show you what that day sounds like as music or would appear as in a painting.

Get It?

Yes, I created a job for myself to tell you what your life will be like at special times, so you will know and understand your purpose and place in the Universe and multi-verse of 9 dimensions of Cosnciosusness.


Yes, very cool.

Now about 12 tuns ago, I painted a mural on the side of my parents’ house. It was May 2-5th, 2000 when the four horsemen of the acpocalypse formed a Grand Cross in the sky as all the visible planets gathered in Taurus, a very rare alignment indeed. My new job was that of an artist.

Since I had been traveling so much in Mexico during the ’90s checking out the culture and folk art, that was what I painted. I was learning the Mayan glyphs and bringing home loads of crystals to sell – I had to supplement my Classical guitar gig income – I picked up on their energy and learned to use them for healing and focusing my concentration. As I sold them to people, they would introduce me to more and more spiritually hip souls. In Mexico, my mind was free from the electromagnetic field and whatever they beam at us from the cell towers. I went to the Zone of Silence. I know the plant medicine gardens.

These deserts and jungle scenes still resonate strongest to me. Combining Spiritual visions and colors of these landscapes with the mysterious Mayan glyphs on a canvas creates great depth of emotion and meaning and space! What ever room they are in becomes a more sacred place.

Having spent so much time in literal silence of the deserts and learning from the sounds of jungle birds, my music is often nowhere near what many suburbanites even think of as music. Most of what gets played on radio stations or DJed at parties I find boring and 2 dimensional. Very little music of substance gets air time. Sure I can appreciate a good groove, but rarely is a great groove accompanied with powerful melodies or lyrical content. It is with clear intent that I create music that could never be played by cover bands.

There have been few souls who watched my musical development since I first began college until now and it has never been easy to maintain. Now technology has reached a point where all of the old media are obsolete and we have to reconsider what we can do with the new computer based compositions while maintaining the virtuosity and thrill of music. Also, as consciousness has shifted and the Maya calendar’s new Solar energies speed up, I think the world is finally ready for what I have to offer.

Marketing the work that I do right now is a huge challenge, it always has been, but the secret is that the big recording companies need me now more than any “hit” song writer. I can provide my fans with something they must turn to every day like a newspaper letting them know what the Universal Consciousness has been calling out to us.

My music comes from the Original Sound of Creation’s Source.

The first act of creation established the rhythmic order for everything that followed in all dimensions.

We embody that first blue print in the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence, the Merkaba, and the “Mayan” calendar, which of course, actually comes from the Pleiadeans.

So when someone in a cover band or folky music background tries to say I should not act like I am entitled to ask for money for my work or suggest that I should not compare myself to the greats like, Dali, Picasso, Santana even, or whoever….it really pisses me off.

It is exactly this kind of shit I have listened to year after year after year as I go back to practice even harder, compose something even more badass than what I did a couple if days ago….I paint from deeper places in my soul and perfect my style and quality of my processes. I meditate and reflect even deeper into my soul, and wonder what needs to be done better next time and I wonder when some random stranger will finally understand and see how profound my work is and they will love it so much they will sink their fortune into actual promotion and publicizing to the world just what the holy hell I have created.

I am not alone in the spiritual path I travel. Could not ever be because I surround myself with my spiritual family. We work together to clear out negative energies and replace them with higher and higher vibrations of pure love and light that comes from higher dimensions. We do not simply show up at a church once a week to say we’re sorry for all the crap we pulled during the rest of the week.

Did you really believe we could not travel in higher realms than the 3D? When you go out to the desert or your vision quest, did you think the suffering part was all there was to it, then God would throw you a bone? There is a goal. The difference between a master and a student is that the Master walks in the goal, the student wonders about the goal, imagines what if and when he may attain the goal, perhaps abides for short instances in the goal and then falls back out of it.

Those millions of people who have not chosen to let go of Belief Systems based on fear and accepted the path of loving kindness to all sentient beings, your days are over. You certainly can choose to stay on the delusional path of whatever the fuck TV or Rush Limbaugh spouts off about, or you can even choose some darker road into addiction, abuse, even killing for sport, what ever you choose for you Universe to be. I have chosen Ascension. So if I don’t have a boss and a pension plan or a family of my own, whatever, that’s all Norman Rockwell delusions.

I am safe and beyond comfortable.

Yeah, and it is so because I, like all humans, deserve to be.



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