Relatively good days ahead


I have been taking it easy the past few days. More like being in a hospice than a resort though. I am trying to regroup, refocus, allow time to pass without pushing for more than I know is possible right now.

Today is 12 Rabbit. A great time for feminine warrior goddesses. I don’t know if I am up to the challenges right now for the activities this energy calls for. Yesterday was 11 Deer and I used the energy to work with my hands practicing classical guitar for longer than I have in months. Today I am continuing with that work, looking at it as a way of producing beauty and harmony, both parts of that warrior goddess energy.

Tomorrow is 13 Toj, or Water. We should get some powerful rain here in Texas, but maybe more so further north. It will be time for gratitude to Creator anyhow. I am glad to have a comfortable home.

As we get closer to the end of this tzolkin cycle, energies should be picking up dramatically. Especially since the Venus Transit is happening very soon. Last week was very much like the energies of June 2004 when the first Venus transit opened this portal. I ended up back at home like I was at that time. When the next Venus Transit happens at least I have my temple already built here on the Guadalupe river.

Sunday is 1 Dog, or as I like to call it, One Love day. Hopefully the Stuporbowl of Unicycle football will not be rained out, but that is what the weather channel is predicting! At that point it is 52 days until the Venus Transit!

Stay well,



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