4 Reed JFK

Hi, yes this is a day to remember the JFK assasination. It is no small irony that pics of soldiers mugging behind pics of dead Afghan suicide bombers came out in the LA Times today. We live with psychopaths in positions of power, and they teach others around them to carry out psychotic behaviors. A sign of our heavy handed machismo culture gone amuck.

It is high time the US stopped the soldier/police state worship of war and brute force. The truth about JFK’s and other assassinations needs to come out and the truth about who planned 9/11. Of course they couldn’t show us Bin Laden’s body, he had been dead at least ten years before we got him. Of course they can’t show us wreckage from the plane that hit the pentagon, there was none! Of course we can’t be told why WTC7 fell, they told us already – “they” “pulled” it meaning it was set up to be destroyed just like the first two towers were, but please forget we told you, mmm K! The most fascinating aspect of it all is Americans willingly sticking their heads in small dark holes to avoid the so obvious conclusion that it could only have been an inside job. The Dark forces work in the dark, therefore they do not wish you to see any evidence, just believe what they tell you and shut the *#%£ up!

One of my favorite new quotes is, “the truth will set you free, but first it’s really gonna piss you off”.

So there is a very positive aspect today, that it is my father’s tzolkin day. 4 Reed also represents engineering, architecture, any thing “square”, masculine. 4 is the four directions and my Pop has been around the frikkin globe too many times to count now working as a planning and scheduling engineer. I am staying in our fabulous Rio Casa in New Braunfels, where there is way too much Square-head energy! The Reed can symbolize the beam that holds up the roof!

I still do personalized Maya calendar astrologic reading, and I promise to be as brutally honest with you as I possibly can, just don’t shoot the messenger, ok! $60 is no big sacrifice if you need truth about yourself like no other Astrology reading can give you!
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