5 Jaguar

Hello, yep all things Feline, yep that includes women’s sexual parts, yep it may be shocking to Americans still to say that word, but it has great power and hunger and nourishment and awesomeness.

I attended an introduction to Orgasmic meditation class today at Vuka art co-op in Austin. Lots of doors opened up, especially complex emotional blockages. That kind of thing leaves you feeling extremely vulnerable, but also feeling accomplished and grown up. Fear can be simply not trusting. Fear of our own beauty not being recongized, fear of being seen as an object not as we think we are. It is all so much easier to face the truth, say it all up front and open, “Hey, the way you are treating me or closing the doors to intimacy is upsetting to me. Trust me, all I want is to love you, without expectations or controls”. Let us discuss what makes you uneasy to face me and be present in heart and mind. Great, now let’s play and have fun as we work our way to making mad passionate love!

Everybody take a deep breath with me now…..hhhhhhhhhhhhhh “Pussy!” hhhhaaaaaawhew! I knew you could do it class! I have to process all I learned tonight and then put it in practice! Fun fun! I will share more about this topic after this weekend so stay tuned. It is all about balancing the masculine and feminine so that we can be complete and whole as we encounter all our relations.
Ah, and men, stop reaching out and grabbing stuff, we must be receptive to love! I am worth loving, I learned today that the barriers to intimacy are thin if we confront the feelings just as they are and ask, hey what’s up and really listen.

5 Ix is the tzolkin birthday of my mentor, Carl Johann Calleman. Www.calleman.com check it out.

His next book will be about higher consciousness! He tells me it will be more interesting than his previous work, so that says a lot since his previous books on the Maya calendar were so fascinating and inspiring to my life.

Sorry this went out late at night instead of the morning, trust me it just would not have been the same!

Peace and love y’all,



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