7owl.OM My God!

Orgasmic Meditation…..OM

Well, it is easy to see the attraction!

It left me a bit humbled and I believe a lot wiser! If that was all I got from the day I am Grateful, freaking Grateful the Universe showed me the Light! Yes, there are women willing to bare all for science and living a more powerful existence. I get that part.

If anything else, I am sure to have some deep discussions with women friends of mine very soon!

I wish I could have been on Enchanted Rock at the same time with other friends I know love me.

The talk today was fascinating but toward the end became way too clinical for me. It seems you could just as easily go to a clinic and have them administer you an orgasm for a minimal fee…..I think I would like someone genuinely interested in me on a little deeper level. The OM format of creating the orgasm does offer a safer environment for letting it all hang out.

Also, I have been going to Casa de Luz classes over many years and as neat and cool as some of them are, I get turned off by the pay-as-you-go Enlightenment set up. Now you would think that eventually this knowledge should be mainstrean, even taught to teenagers as a way of preventing them from having unsafe sex. I can totally see this getting very popular very fast, but I can see potential this might degenerate into another fadish guru clique like fast food yoga classes. I would be thrilled if the Universe opened the doors for myself to be an OM instructor….but I will be most happy with just one beautiful sane woman or who ever the Universe may bless in my life.

I need to receive the one thing that always always required – money, and in unending abundance.

When that manifests I will have the security in my oM self….

Damn, this is what I learned today. I wish I could have made it for tomorrow’s communication class, but OM well….
Onetaste.Us check it out and maybe we can Talk about it one on one sometime!

Goodnite every body, i have had to think deeply before sitting to try to express myself tonight. I have some mellow John Coltrane playing and I sit in my paradise back yard on the Guadalupe River wishing someone totally awesome would come visit me….please come on down!

Sweet dreams!




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