10 Rainstorm, 11Ahau Learn, nourish, Change!


ok, so if you have not been going through major changes, the world around you is not waiting for you. Maybe what you have been waiting for will show up today. It is a Manifestation day. Although sometimes Rainstorms actually happen, today’s Rainstorm energy is metaphorical and has to do with teachings and community support. There is a distinctly friendly kind of beauty in Rainstorm energy,

Tomorrow is 11 Ahau, and ends this 20 day cycle. 11 is all about the changes taking place within our souls. It is the first sprout breaking through the surface of the new ground that manifests during the 10 energy.

My dream last night was of being in a classroom….ughh, learning lessons again!…we were learning some math equations and everyone in the class had a specific problem to solve. As we left to lunch I told someone, “this is the kind of person I am” and threw a couple of dimes and several pennies I had in my pocket in the air. I tried to ask another guy in the class what the answer to his math problem was, and he said without words that he was not going to do work when it was clearly time to relax and enjoy lunch break. So I went back to the cafeteria and got some french fries, and when I went to pay the lady at the register said the bell had already rung and I didn’t have much time left, so I paid her with some of the fries and went to the hallway to eat the rest. I slid back into the classroom where a girl was answering her problem on the chalk board….

Strangely enough, as I am writing this, a duck just flew and landed on my fence! It seems to be looking at me with curiosity.

Yesterday was 9 Tijax, or flint knife. There was a horoscope, Kristo.com, that wrote about cemeteries. Sadly I lost a cousin, Mario Luna, to colon cancer an cirrhosis of the liver. He partied like a Rock star too long. He had a great sense of humor to the end. I also feel That I have to absolutely cut ties with my ex….though I do not feel it is appropriate in this forum to discuss all the reasons for that at this time. I tried really hard to be friends with her and to get her to be a better friend to others.

Although it may not look like change is happening, it all starts within. Work more deeply every day and night in your own consciousness and during the next cycle Love will start to grow, then understanding, then healing then Cosmic transcendence.

Thursday is 12 Imix, the new beginning and ultimate source of nourishment, and Friday even more so is 13 Ik, The day that “would have been the first day had there been a sun”, meaning that the Big Bang would have happened on a day like Friday is going to be! Learning Man here we come!

Peace Y’all,




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