12 Imix, 13 Ik, 1 Akbal

12 Crocodile, went to Alamo again to do more healing work with Deborah Widdon, Tiy and Wesley and Summer and Jason and Marji.

I got lots of “hits” psychically including helping an injured soldier move into his higher dimensional planes to escape the pain of the 3-D body. We transmuted the energy of a canon into a portal of light and orgone. We opened the 3rd eye of the Alamo after getting the clue from a rose bouquet shaped like the Alamo. After lunch we went to the Menger hotel and experienced strangeness in the numerous mirrors and ornate furniture which included a few nazi references! The fourth floor was really strange and we didn’t want to even stay there long enough to om. I was glad to have spent some time with my uncle George from California. He got to be backstage with some big time Mexican musicians playing at San Antonio’s Fiesta.

13 Wind was interesting but unproductive. The space shuttle Enterprise was flown on a jumbo jet around New York. Definitely a Cosmic ending making way, we hope, for a new vision of the space program. Then some of the anger blew in with the wind when my other uncle showed up very upset to no longer be living in my paradise river house! That didn’t last too long thankfully.

I got all packed and ready for Learning Man but decided to wait until tomorrow to go.

It is a new spirit, the prophecy states “it would have been the first day had there been a sun”. So that may mean that the new spirit has blown but we have to wait for the new light to manifest.

Tomorrow is 1 Night, the day of dreaming the future, and yes perhaps a one night stand!

Watch those dreams and do not be afraid to share them in the comments section!

Peace and love y’all
Los G




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