2 Lizard, 3 serpent, 4 Death, 5 Deer , 6 Rabbit

2 Lizard, was like caked on mud.  I was inspired the day before, 1 Night, at Learning Man Festival.  I dreamt of Nazis and various atrocities and laughed at how we are done with that implanted dream of fear and ready for Universal Love energy.  This was processing of work done last week again at the Alamo.  The door that was in front of the Alamo was once part of the House of the Veramendi family.  The same Veramendi family owned the very land I live on before the German settlers arrived to found New Braunfels.  Right about that time a German built the famously haunted Menger hotel right across the street from the Alamo!

3 serpent, I began in earnest to work on the second edition of Cosmicjaguar’s Soul Kin Journal.  I got unexpected company.  3rd Chakra was active.

4 Death, wires got crossed, nothing got done.  nerves were rattled and I nearly got my head bit off, had I cared.

5 Death, Thankfully today I have been non-stop in action on new book, now working under title “Jaguar Sun Priest’s Revelations”

6 Rabbit, Doing the neutron Dance at Ruta Maya, come see Cosmicjaguar live on a great stage!  http://do512.com/event/2012/05/03/cosmic-dance-off-with-spic3r-paparatti-and-cosmic-jaguar


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