13 Eagle – America, the Cosmic!


i have not abandoned you, dear readers of Violet Flame Records journal!  I have been hard at work re-writing my original Soul Kin Journal so you may have a hard copy book to peruse as we journey together in Cosmic Time!

Today is 13 Eagle and it is high time the People of America came to understand our Cosmic origins!  Do you know who St. Germain is?  I watched a brilliant documentary on his unique existence last night and was blown away by what I learned about this great USA we live in.  Please watch at least the first part of this amazing story when you have a chance: 

There is a fascinating connection to Dr. Carl Calleman’s work on the Maya calendar and the Oct. 28, 2011 date.  I had always known the Violet Flame of St. Germain and the Maya calendar were both Truth, but never realized the link between the two until now!

Truth will always win folks!  Get familiar with the truth so you can be part of the solution and no longer subject to the problem.

I have three days of birthday celebrating this year!  12 jaguar was yesterday, today is 13 Eagle, which it was May 11, 1970, and tomorrow is actually May 11, 2012.  I use May 10, 1970 – 12 Jaguar – to calculate my Maya tzolkin day because I was born before the sunrise at 4:26 am (4+2+6=12)

You can find all this cool stuff out for your birthday by getting a Maya calendar astrology reading from me for $100 (sliding scale if you need it)  Just email Cosmicjaguar@yahoo.com

Donations needed!  Please show your support for my unique job and my art and music!

In Service,



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