9earthquake up!

I have light thoughts going on in my head.

Tomorrow is Ten Tijax and there will be reflections going on all around now we are in the thick of eclipse and Venus energy combined!

Sunday is 11 Rainstorm, so the teachings are changing, the community structures are growing out of new experimentation with living arrangements.

Monday is the Lunar eclipse that is the twin flame of May 20’s solar eclipse.

13 Crocodile, Tuesday June 5 in the USA, 1 Wind in Europe and the East.
Cosmic Hypnotist we get to wish and think about what we really want, find things we thought were lost, attract and initiate the new spiritual flowering. Empowerment of all the world’s people!

This will be followed by a lunar eclipse of Pluto!

Have we all been growing inwardly while letting go of faith in the old external systems of control?

We have all been students of life….it’s graduation day! Masters we all are because we are the image and likeness of Great Creator his/her self.

I cast aside all self-blame and unconditionally forgive any wrong or perceived breach of trust done to me in any lifetime by any soul.

I live to create beauty and abundance for all living beings around me on Earth or space and all etheric realms of all dimensions.

We now thrive on pure Source energy, why would our Creator not provide All we need to survive and co-create exactly what we most wish for?

I will provide Mayan Astrological readings to anyone, but recommend you get yours tzolkin day before the ceremony…and yes it helps to donate now so i can get more offerings for the fire. Cosmicjaguar@yahoo.com

Wear red to the ceremony if you are crocodile, serpent, water, reed or earthquake.

Wear white If you are Wind, death, dog jaguar or flint

Wear blue if you are Night, deer, monkey, eagle or rainstorm.

Wear yellow if you are lizard, rabbit, road, owl or sun.

Blessings in service to All

Jaguar Sun Priest, Carlos Cedillo




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