9 Dog, 6.14.12

Laura at the Venus Transit ceremony 13Imix 6.5.12

Today – 9Dog –  is aligned with the day Jan. 12, 2010- 9Death, the Haitian Earthquake.

There’s just no easy way to describe all the energy I feel welling up today, for my friends and family.  There was a lot of police out and about today, interactions with authority figures.

Love is interconnected with everything, so naturally we are all connected at our hearts.

I have decided to offer you all Crystal Healing.  It is a little known fact that I have worked with crystal energies since my Mexico travel days in the 1990s.  I will respect whatever offer you can make for a donation and combine the work with the Maya calendar chart information.

Let’s just try and see how it works.

Everything you donate helps with Laura’s legal defense and expenses!


June 16, Wake the Dead San Marcos, tx  (11Eb)

June 23 Creation Flame Church of Awesome 1 year anniversary, Cedar Creek, tx  (5Kawok)

June 30 Kick Butt Coffe, Austin – get tix!!!!  (12 Death – nice!)

Guadalupe River, New Braunfels, TX

Much Love and Appreciation,




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