12 Reed, Rodney King passes.

12 Reed can be described as a “Staff” (Rod) for a “King”.

And it is Father’s Day.

Two of Western civilization’s biggest influencers of the past 5125 years, Greece and Egypt, hold elections today in the middle of deep crises – one fights for freedom from slavery and oppression from Dictatorship or Theocracy, the other fights for economic independence from an ever more centralized money supply.  The counter threat is Fascism, a return to autocratic rulers who withhold abundance from the people.

The Laws of Heaven ultimately will win out over the Laws of Men.

Freedom will prevail.


Tomorrow is Cosmicjaguar Day! I will have my own trial….for arrest Aug 22, 2011 – that day was 11 Reed!  I have been around the Tzolkin plus one “Step” of 40 days!  I create Ascension!

August 22, 2011 was also the opening day of the Martin Luther King memorial in Washington D.C.


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