5 Rainstorm

Love Teachings come on down…. also a great day for socializing and helping your community.

Yesterday was 4 Tijax, a day for cutting out negative energies. It was Juror #4 in the Jerry Sandusky child-molesting case who read all the guilty verdicts against this monster.

I started out yesterday cutting out squares to patch the ceiling in my nephew’s house from a dripping air conditioner, then I finished the day working on new frames for my paintings.

On 3 Earthquake…”moving thoughts” I helped a good friend move to a new home.

2 Owl was spent balancing philosophic and political views.

1 Eagle was fairly mellow…I did go for a hike in Panther Canyon (New Braunfels, TX) and found a beautiful spot I had not been to before that had a great Eagle-eye view of the canyon floor!

13 Jaguar was notable for the female representative in Ohio who read the vagina monologues on the state capitol. She had been barred from speaking on the house floor the day before – 12 Reed – for saying the word “vagina”.

12 Reed was the Male, patriarchal energy day.

Tonight I go to Creation Flame Church of Awesome to play music!

Much love,



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