7 Crocodile – 13 Sun


Make some real awesome wishes today! For the next twenty days it will be a rocket ship blast inside our souls! Today starts the last twenty days Of the Tzolkin round that began October 29, 2011.
That was 1 Crocodile day just after the End of the Maya calendar as calculated by Dr. Carl Johann Calleman. There was the KnowThyself Expo at the San Marcos, Tx Activities Center where I met my friend Raju and we discussed setting up trips to the Maya lands. Guess what! Now those trips will finally start happening! It took a while to get them set up and my patience was severely tested but thank Goddess for big miracles.

The world is changing drastically if you didn’t notice. Politics are more corrupt than ever and the only answer is to ditch the system altogether. Did you not notice the Central Banks are all openly declaring themselves slave masters over the rabble (you and me)?

13 Ahau happens on July 14, otherwise known as Bastille Day, when the French rose up against the kings and queens. Did you know income between rich and poor is about a hundred times worse today than it was before the French Revolution? Got a clue yet?

Now on the one hand of course it cannot really matter to you if you have been working out your personal karma, but it surely matters if you wish to help those suffering the most. The worst off are those who still buy into the system thinking they will be rich SOMEDAY.

Ultimately your karma belongs to you. My beloved ex got herself into trouble again and there was nothing I or anyone else could have done. Maybe her soul really wants to be back in Arizona….I will be holding a fundraiser for her soon.

Meanwhile I have an art show coming up as well as a music performance that I may as well cancel if no one buys tickets. More opportunity awaits!




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