10 Lizard/Net – Round ’em up?

So Today is all about manifesting Abundance.  It can be yours if you cast your net out there.  Also, if you want to keep your abundance, stop having the holier than thou attitude or the selfish inclination to indulge in sensual or intoxicating pleasures….wait, what am I saying?  It’s your body, do what you want with it!  Just don’t complain if you have nothing left for what you need.  It is so much better do to for others than for yourself.

There has been lots of talk on the internet from the Galactic Federation of Light and someone named Drake regarding “mass arrests” of the “Dark Cabal”.  I have not been sure what to make of all of the chatter but clearly the international banking system – IMF, the Fed, Euro-zone, et al – have been up to no good and must be stopped by somebody.  It defies physics and the laws of nature that such a small handful of individuals should be telling the other 7 billion of us on the planet how to live our individual lives.

Word has just come down from the Supreme Court that “Obamacare” is Constitutional.  Conservatives have got their panties all in a wad, I hope they have insurance for that!

In other news, JP Morgan has lost up to 9 Billion dollars!  Much more than the 2 Billion they acknowledged earlier.  Are you still a fan of “Free market” capitalism?

I am playing tomorrow night at Tantra! 9:30 pm Tribal night yeah!

Keep praying for miracles!



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