Jun Imix – One Crocodile, new intentions!


I hope you’ve been working on clearing all the old BS once and for all, these are times that humanity reaps what has been sown.

So much beautiful change took place in the past 260 day cycle.  There were frustrating times for sure but there was also the feeling that it would be for the last time!

Will times ahead be challenging?  Perhaps, it is a matter of how much you got prepared for.  Those who have constantly kept their heads in the sand will get them cut off!

Those who hold on to disintegrating structures will themselves disintegrate!

Those who plant the good seeds will reap the best fruits!  Thinking the positive thoughts will win you the prized prospects.

Lovers will find love, haters gonna find hate.  Free energy devices will Free Mankind.

Maya prophecy teaches that we will “Fly over borders like the clouds or the birds”  “Banks will be full of money but none will be able to buy anything because it is toxic.”

That means corporations who have invested in poisons and weapons of destruction, will be poisoned themselves and blown away from the face of the earth while new vehicles enable us to fly freely anywhere we wish!

I see myself making literally millions of dollars for having had my speech taken away.

I will be hosting tours to Belize this fall, so save your pennies!  Then it’s off to Palenque for the Rainbow gathering.

I hold these truths to be self-evident, 1.) That I Am Awesome. 2.) I surround myself with people who are equally or more Awesome! 3.)  Love is the greatest form of currency 4.) UFOs are real, we just haven’t had the consciousness to identify them.

You are a total bad-ass for reading this!

Peace and Love,



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