5 Serpent, 6 Death – carnage, change happens

I learned a meditation for this in 2002 as Israel was bulldozing over Palestinians in thier homes in Gaza.  My heart was being torn apart because I am deeply sensitive to all this disturbance in the Force.  After learning the Hsin Tao technique, I was in balance and realized “It’s not my problem!”

This may sound cruel, but pause a second – this kind of thing is happening somewhere in the world everyday, but usually very far from our home.  Think Drone strikes in Pakistan, the entire Iraq war, Israel and Palestine, Ft. Hood, TX, even in relatively peaceful Norway not to mention natural disasters like Tsunamis.  The first thought that came to me after I heard about the Ft. Hood massacre of soldiers is “hmm, maybe teaching so many people how to kill is not a very good idea!”

I have connections in Colorado I am very worried about.  Anybody could have been at that movie theatre.  Remember Columbine.

I am a shaman, but of course I could never get into the head of one of these serial killers.  I can only imagine that there must be some feeling of an existential threat that grips their mind.

This fear may be from bad upbringing or induced by media or worse, intentionally planted by dark government forces.

Why would America decide to bomb to oblivion a country like Iraq?  Because we were intentionally lied to by patriarchal “Dark Father” figures.

I use the metaphor often of a person who has given all their wealth to a Ponzi scheme and is too embarrassed to tell the proper authorities.  Their pride is hurt too bad and shamed into silence.  The problem is that this allows the Ponzi scheme to continue to hurt others.  We must speak up against those “Dark Fathers” who created the carnage abroad and confront those dark thoughts we hold within ourselves.


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