11 Monkey/Thread – Where “WE” have landed – guest blogger Debra Whiddon!

Hi, this was sent to me by a good friend and powerful lightworker Debra Whiddon.  Enjoy, but take it seriously this time!
In San Marcos, TX we will be meeting at Tantra tonight at 8pm (and moving to another location from there) to call down the Mothership!!!!  cool huh?
Hello (or, whew! to some of you ;).  We are in 2012 and so far, it’s living up to all of the ‘energetic expectations’ that we knew were coming (bombardments of energies).
The confluence of energies starting with the solar eclipse on May 20th and ending with the recent CMEs has finally begun to settle in to the Grid for our next ‘phase’ (which is a short one–timewise) before our potential next shift which is not guaranteed to be an ‘upward shift’.
We have indeed landed in our new space–the space of OUR creation–the essence of TRUE CO-CREATION.  So, what did we create? It is not the space that we were aiming for; unfortunately, we have fallen short inour forward movement.  Reflecting back to see how we got here, the last big shift that we missed was in April 2010.  At that time, I was told (by the higher realms) that it would take 12-18 months to ‘regain’ our ground to shift again before the big shift (10/28/11).  We were able to gain and maintain forward momentum and that shift occurred on September 30, 2011–a mere 27 days prior to the big shift of October 28, 2011; just in time! From there, we were to “solidify” our landing spot which was projected to take through the end of March 2012.  We were not fully successful in this…….our energy field was ‘gooey’ at best–not strong.  So, movement of (most) people into various paths and places did not occur as was planned (some of you may have received prior messages like, in “March this will change in your life”). And, now, we have missed (‘undershot’) our anticipated landing space entirely as we did in April 2010. Unfortunately, we do not have the “luxury” of 12-18 months now to ‘get it right’–we are in the Quickening, full blown. (notice the “we” and “our” in bold–WAKE UP and realize WE are in this together).
In participating in, observing and working the gridwork being done on the planet these last 12 years, I have never seen the grid being held ‘stuck open waiting for movement to occur’ for this long a period of ‘time’–ever–as it did from the end of June (planned calibration/shift) until this past Sunday!  Every effort possible was made for more energies to come in and more people to awaken; more lightworkers to show up and work.  Unfortunately, they did not answer the call.
What does this mean going forward?  EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED.  EVERYTHING that you have been told, shown and understood for your path is now off the board (people, places, things, events).  EVERYTHING that was planned for the next phase of “enlightenment” has now changed (we are not where we are meant to be–how could it remain the same? we didn’t move ‘forward’).  The plan as it is now would best be described as shifting from (divine plan) “moving foward into destiny of the individuals, the unity of individuals, the planet, the solar system, etc.” has now shifted to “hunker down and accept fate–not destiny”.There is a huge difference between the two–fate and destiny.  Ponder that if you have never done so.
What will this look like as our creation manifests in the 3D? Well, more chaos, more trauma drama, more fear based energies in the grid and at the forefront that what was meant to be for us.  More difficulties, or now impossibilites, in all areas with lightworkers making key connections with people, places and events that were their path. The reality that we will not be successful at all.  Do not allow anyone to fool you into believing that “we have made it–we are guaranteed to ascend”.  There are no guarantees.  Ascension is a forward moving process until it’s done.  We are not done.  If we are not moving forward we are sliding backwards–there are no “rest areas” for what we are here to do and be, it is all motion–either forward or backward. And, yes, points of ‘forever lost” are reached.  We are at such a point.
Is there HOPE? Can we change this?  I was guided to send this email for this very purpose.  We have a little less than three weeks to rise up and make a difference (perhaps not to fully shift up, but to at least to keep from sliding backwards and then prepare ourselves to move forward from there BEFORE the next shift).  For those of you who understand the concepts presented by Dr. David Hawkins, you realize that it only takes relatively few, powerful enlightened souls to change the world.  It takes more–number wise–of  enlightened souls coming into their power to affect change which leads to changing the world, ultimately.  It takes even more souls who are somewhat awakened who are willing to show up and work to help make a difference (change) to affect great change such as shifting the grid.  Collectively, ‘change’ is assurred.
If everyone (24 total) who receives this email with this information and either forwards it or rewrites it in your own words to at least a few others, and even half of those send it forward to a few, and people step up take action and responsibility, WE can change OUR world.  If not, then, we are all responsible for what will unfold.  And, even if we are able to mitigate what has been put into place, the energies are only going to become stronger, quicker and will require more to participate at higher levels.
So, where do we stand? What does it look like?
I have been here before many times the last 11 years when a shift was not reached, or held, as I would see my (primary) planned divine path diverge into something other than what I had been shown, and what my life’s path had prepared me to do.  At these times one of two things would happen: 1) I would be sent out traveling around to ground in and activate energies at places that were meant to be online, but were waiting for the planned lightworker(s) to arrive who had not yet shown up.  My path would also intersect with certain powerful individuals to activate them (WAKE UP!) to help get them on/back on track and launch them to move forward to help launch others forward (WAKE UP)–the domino effect, or 2) I would be put into a sequestration mode and be grounding energies in for weeks/months on end as there were not enough lightworkers who had leveled up to do this work as they were stuck into some old belief system, or stuck in their own ‘stuff’.  I would ‘see’ others (especially those who awakened in 2000-2001–the first wave of wayshowers activated) doing the same across the globe (I remote view them many times on the grid–always isolated).
But now, things are different–WE are in the field of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.  And, those of us who have been doing the heavy lifting for so very long are very tired and very weary.  We are/were not meant to be doing this energy grounding to these extremes at this stage of our ascension process and we (first wavers/heavy lifters) were told–oh so many times–of how “there were others on the way to help” as per the planned waves of activations.  We (first wavers/heavy lifters) have had our paths of divine destiny reach a stopping point.  These paths that were to unfold that required moving into manifestations that would not align with, or allow being anchored in a certain place for extended periods of time to ground energies that were meant to be grounded in by others, or roaming around the planet doing activation work for others who hadn’t shown up.  We (wayshowers and heavy lifters) were to move into the next level of activations, energies and co-creation for the entire planet and BEYOND.  If the grid field cannot be held presently, or continue to power up through the collection of people showing up and working, then we are where we are–fate, not destiny.
For me personally, I have been told “your life path is over; you cannot move forward while doing the work of that which is/was to be for others” (grounding)”.  For those of you who are connected to me and who received information/knowledge of what I am here to do/be (perhaps including our joined efforts) , you understand the much deeper meaning of that statement.
So, how do you know where you stand in all of this–are you a lightworker or a lightloafer? Are you even awake as to who you are and what you are here to do/be? WAKE UP!
Here’s some information to help you ascertain your place in all of this–what were you doing since May 18 until this past Sunday?
Being a ‘heavy lifter’, this is what my life has been since May 18th:  EVERY DAY running/grounding energies in for the planet to the point of  not being able to function in the 3D most days to even do personal things (cleaning house, doing errands, etc.–at best, a couple of hours granted to me every 3-4 days for these things).  EVERY DAY having physical symptoms–due to energy overload–manifest in my body so that ‘being sick’ was a way of life (I am now in recovery mode). EVERY DAY being dizzy, lightheaded and having aches in my body in a manner that is foreign to me from the amount of energies going through.  EVERY DAY not “being me” as my energy field got dwarfed in comparison to that which was going through me.  EVERY DAY sitting/lying around unable to focus enough to read a book, coherently answer emails, etc.  EVERY DAY knowing/seeing that even with this effort that the grid wasn’t holding because others weren’t showing up–answering the call.  EVERY DAY knowing and seeing that the work that I came here to do, the work that I was meant to do with others (higher level activations), and was waiting to be completed for the greater good was not happening. 
So, if that wasn’t you have been doing, WHAT were you doing/being?
Were you showing up and working giving your full BEINGNESS to your life’s path and purpose, or were you in “ME/MY MIND MODE”? (Defined as: “am going to create my day, my week, my life, etc., the way Iwant it to be”.  Notice the blatant absence of “we”, “our”, “divine path”, “divine time”, “being of service”, “aligning with greater good”, etc.)   WAKE UP!  This is not who you are!  YOU ARE A GREAT SOUL WHO IS HERE TO DO GREAT THINGS TO HELP THE EARTH AND BEYOND–A DIVINE PATH THAT IS PART OF A DIVINE PLAN IN DIVINE TIMING. 
I ask you, in what higher level dimension is “I’m going to do what I WANT to do” in alignment with Divinity, Unity Consciousness, Being of Service, Being on your soul’s path?  ANSWER: NONE. If you are of this mindset, then you are living in a mind-based material world reasoning (ME/MY Material-based Mindset). WAKE UP! Many of you have been ‘taught’ through 3D ‘teachers’ that “you can have the life you want to create” while that ‘life’ is focused on the lower realms of the material world–NOT the spiritual world of your divine path.  WAKE UP and BREAK FREE from these false ‘teachings’. Only through your heart can you be in the higher dimensions and can you have the life you TRULY want to create–that of your soul’s reason for being here.  Only through your heart can you align with your soul’s purpose here and its manifestation. Only by living in your heart do you dwell in love.  Only by living love is there is an absence of fear.  Only in your heart is the manifestation of TRUE abundance (faith, hope, peace, love, joy, divine destiny).  Only in your heart do you know that you have all that you need, all that is required for your soul’s purpose.  Only in your heart may you be of service to help the greater good.  WAKE UP! BREAK FREE OF THE ILLUSION, THE MATRIX, THE PRISON PLANET ENERGIES!
So, where were you (in your heart) and what were you doing (manifesting your heart’s desire) when the WE were having difficulty making the shift, losing the shift and going backwards?
Were you running these powerful energies and still functioning in a 3D world (job, etc) with great difficulty?  That wasn’t pleasant, I’m sure, but you have reached a higher level where energies will run through you INVOLUNTARILY. You have activations and portals in you/your field that automatically fire up when needed.  You are doing/being your soul’s work/path.  However, through this all, maybe you were also being shown that lifestyle changes for you are required moving foward, that “this is who you are and what you are here to do/be, why are you stuck (putting your focus) into this 3D material world?” WAKE UP TO WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO/BE! Evaluate your lifestyle choices–and make changes, now. YOU ARE A GREAT SOUL WHO IS HERE TO DO GREAT THINGS!
Were you grounding in some energies some days, but other days you were ‘out of place’ or not in a space to work? Then, whatever/whomever was distracting you? Make better–higher level–choices with strong boundaries and a heart-centered conviction of “I am going to do what my soul came here to be and nothing and no one will sidetrack, distract, or disuade me from that”. WAKE UP!
 If you decided to travel without divine guidance (it is, after all, ‘vacation time’ for the muggles) and were not where you were meant to be (physical location wise), are you aligning yourself with YOUR DIVINE PATH–NOT YOUR “ME/MY MIND” CENTERED PATH ON A DAILY BASIS?  Are you in the flow of your DIVINE PATH so that you are able to easily switch gears, change plans and move into serving the greater good at a moment’s notice, rather than putting the “ME/MY MIND” first?  WAKE UP!
Were you feeling an incredible amount of ‘angst’ on an almost daily basis but were too stuck in your “stuff” to stop, clear yourself, align with energies and do your divine work? Get rid of your stuff–leave it (the past) behind by whatever means works for you.  WAKE UP!
Were you feeling ‘something’s up’, but were not feeling much of anything else? Like you were being left out, left behind? Then, likely, you have not done your personal work that enables you to be activated to be able to be of service.  There’s a whole list of “whys” for this and all I can say is stop whatever you are doing in your life and make your soul’s path and purpose your ONLY priority for however long it takes for you to get ‘up to speed’ (it won’t take long—it’s the quickening).
For ALL of you reading this who are stuck, not fully self-activated, not Being your full potential, I offer you my services to help you (advanced teachings of working in higher dimensions, sharing advanced knowledge that has come through, clarity, activations, intuitive guidance, etc.).  You can set up times to call or skype me (activations will need to be in person). Do not let money be an issue–I will gladly help anyone who needs it without any charge whatsoever, trusting that you are mindful of the energy exchange that occurs and that you accept full responsibility for that balance/imbalance.  I have, however, been guided to set up a separate account for money that comes from this work and to use it to 1) help fund basic necessities (food, gas, phone) for those who I know who are, and who will be, committed to doing this work full time–flying without a net so to speak, and 2) to help cover travel expenses for higher level work.
I am also told that I will be able to travel beginning next Monday (30th). If you have a group of people that you would like to gather together to hear in more detail what they can be doing to fast-track their personal selves as well as how to do work in the higher dimensions, please contact me. If you would like to be made aware of my travel plans, please contact me. If you (individual or 2-4)would like to travel here to me (Port Aransas, Texas), please contact me.  “Less than three weeks” will go by quickly. I am standing at the ready to help you………….it is who and what I am here to do and be………..it is who and what I have been doing for 12 years.
My Mayan birthday is “5 Road”…………I came here on the 5 “love vibration” to help people find/stay on their road–their destiny.  Everything about that energy is to serve others.  Please contact me if you have ‘ears to hear’, ‘eyes to see’, and have a ‘heart that feels its purpose it something greater’, something BEYOND this 3D material world and all of its entrapments.  TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE OUR WORLD(S).
One upon a time, a call went out across the cosmos, “Earth is in trouble and strong, dedicated souls are needed to go and help”………YOU answered the call…….YOUR heart yearns to be set free and help others………..WAKE UP!
Debra Whiddon
“Follow the path of the rainbow, and the colors of its prism will light your way to eternity”
-Great One Tree of Many Forests Near and Far

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