12 Road – Recruitment for our collective Destiny!

We need YOU to join US, forget ME for a while and CREATE the biggest SHIFT ever!

First a few messages I received from a friend:

Please read below what Pam (WV) ‘saw’ when she read my email request for help yesterday and showed up to work on the Lipan Creek, then please let me know if you get anything else as I feel there is much more to do and I can help.  Or, if anyone else would like to take on this assignment and coordinate, great!
FYI:  this area is a central point for all of the fracking going on in the region……..this is not a split of Mother Earth’s movement–if it were, we would not be needed to help remedy the situation (just so everybody is clear on that).
Also, note how the darkness of Austin is affecting everything in the area…………I have received a plan for a major push to bring the light back into the region there, but it will require many, many people and a large coordinated effort (6-7 location coordinators).  Would anybody like to help?
For all of you who are working to help the grid and your region, MUCH THANKS from the cosmos!
Debra Whiddon
“Follow the path of the rainbow, and the colors of its prism will light your way to eternity”
-Great One Tree of Many Forests Near and Far
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: “stonehaven11@aol.com” <stonehaven11@aol.com>
To: debrawhiddon@yahoo.com; bobbierohn@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 9:13 PM
Subject: Lippon Creek
Hi all,I went in to look at Lippon Creek and saw a fault(s) going all the way through Texas to Arkansas.  There is really heavy energy still around Austin which is impacting the whole system.  I placed a pole of platinum energy between Austin and San Antonio which is rotating somewhat like a lighthouse. It is rotating both below and above the crust. There was a slow addition of finer crystalline energy being mixed in at the top of the pole. It is still in operation. Pam
What WE need now are true Love Revolutionaries willing to set their personal EGO goals aside for the sake of the COLLECTIVE shift of humanity.  The WORK begins at home.  Austin has become too HIPSTER and not enough LightWorker!  It is all well and good to gather to say how much we love each other, it is another to say, we love ourselves enough to know that there is WORK to be done as ONE WHOLE BEING of conscious light energy.
I have been patiently waiting for enough people to WAKE UP! to get the transformation happening, now I know there really are enough of us fully awake.  Now is the time to gather to sound the alarm for everyone else!!!!
If I had everything I wanted out of life, I would be a famous musician on tour and would not care if the light grids around Earth were fracturing.  As things are, I am not famous but I AM a teacher and a spiritual leader of this community.  WE now can get to work without Gurus coming in from out of state of from other countries, we know what to do and where and how to do it ourselves!
So, I want YOU to join US to have a circle of friends or anyone willing to take the WORK seriously, to meditate with INTENTION every day!  There is no more “oh, I’d like to join you but I have a JOB that I NEED to make MONEY”.
That is so not going to exist much longer – the JOB, the NEED or the MONEY.  Nothing is going to exist much longer if we do not join in true collective HEART centered ACTION.
Meditation is not merely sitting and Ommmming for a little while.  We need to DIRECT those energetic fields to conscious Co-Creation.  We can communicate with higher-dimensional BEINGS and ask for their help.  We can initiate contact with UFOs!  (we just did this last night!!! in San Marcos)   We can call in the rain if we need rain.  (We did this last summer during the major drought!!) We can ask that the hearts of the DARK CABAL be opened and softened!
We can ask that the materialistic hipsters and yuppies open their eyes to the TRUTH.  We can ask for material abundance be provided – food, shelter, transportation – as much as everyone needs.
We can ask that FEAR be replaced by LOVE.
We can ask that the shift taking place be FAST, EASY, and FUN!
We can ask for PEACE and an end to all forms of violence!
We can ask to be filled with the Violet Flame of Freedom’s Love!
We can ask for harmonious, mutually fulfilling relationships!
But FIRST we must WAKE UP and understand NOBODY is going to do it for us, WE must do it our ourselves as a whole conscious community!
Please contact me if you feel called to do so and we can begin to form the meditation circles and set our goals and intentions.
Our DESTINY awaits, do not leave it merely to FATE.  CREATE!
Carlos Cedillo

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