13 Reed – Royalties, volunteers needed


Today is 13 Reed, a day of the Cosmic Patriarch – God with a capital ‘G’!

It is also the last day of the first trecena cycle of the tzolkin!  Has your world been shaken up the last few days, starting the Sunday before last?

I have been given my marching orders from the Universe and I’ve been shown proof that it is all possible!  Everything we imagined about changing our world this year!

It is going to take work and sacrifice.  Sacrifice means putting our ego goals aside for now and really working on anchoring the Light into the Earth.

There are many people here doing Yoga, meditation, Reiki, and a host of other spiritual practices.  This is great, but now we must put it all to work not only for our own spiritual advancement, but for the good of the ALL.  It is not very difficult to do, it is just a matter of focusing.

NOBODY can do this for us, only WE can make it happen.  This is the biggest hurdle I see to bringing about the New Earth, everyone thinks someone else is doing it, or that it is a spontaneous process that we just have to sit back and wait for.

So what do we DO?  Time is short.  We have been waiting too long and not been directing the great energy we have been receiving.

The goal is to maintain the crystalline grid of Light that was built for many years by pioneering Light workers who journeyed around the world performing ceremony to open portals and vortices.  Accessing these energies is what helps US as third dimensional humans Ascend into the Higher dimensions.  There we can participate in healing the trauma of the past as we clear away the old dark social institutions and begin behaving as members of the galactic community.

That Grid has been fired up but now what?  What do we intend to happen?  One intention must be to melt the cold hearts of the Dark Cabalists minions  – those who are supporting the Dark agenda without even being aware of how they are being used, they simply accept a philosophy of EGO instead of LOVE.

Another concrete action we must take is to clear some of the buildings around Austin of their dark energy.  What this will require is synchronized meditations, simultaneous with events such as MedMob’s Om the Dome.  Bridging multiple points together helps spread and anchor the Positive Light vibrations.  We are also energizing the positive forces of the government who will assist us from within the system when the comes time to arrest the leaders of the Dark Cabal!

Freedom is often mistaken for the idea of just forgetting about everything and dancing or partying.  This cannot work right now.  I AM NOT saying you can’t or shouldn’t dance and party, but WE all must make TIME to do the work!

As my friend Debra asked in the post for 11 Monkey, “Are you a Light Worker or a Light Loafer”?  Decision time is now.

What I suspect many of us are thinking is that, “sure, we have already done lots of LightWorking, but things haven’t changed, the system is still what it has been for decades, the Man still keeps us down”.  This is merely the appearance in 3-D.  In the higher vibrational realms, lots has shifted.  It is not a good idea to just slack off and think the rest will happen on it’s own, or worse, that it was all for nothing that we cleared our own karma, anchored the light grid, sacrificed our efforts….  We have made serious progress, and the goal of Ulitimate Freedom and merging into galactic community is within reach.

We KNOW that Free Energy devices exist and work.  We know that the Earth has plenty of renewable energy to sustain all our needs.  We know that UFOs are real and should be called ETVs – Extra-Terrestrial Vehicles.

We know that our money system is corrupt to the core and that enough wealth actually exists in the world that nobody needs to work a job for the next 200 years.  Why the opposition to “wealth redistribution” exists is due to “poverty consciousness” falsely created by those Dark Cabalists stuck in their ego minds.  We know that “all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. ”  You know what I’m talking about.

So until we actually achieve this new Light and new Life, I need donations to get out there and start the Manifestation meditation circles.  We can arrange a meeting and ask for donations of whatever folks can afford.  It would be a terrific manifestation if one really wealthy individual put up some funds for this new project of mine.  (I have paintings for sale displayed at Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos, please go see them, one is right for you! 211 Lee Street, San Marcos, TX 78666, 512-878-0640, Centro@SanMarcosCentro.org)

Apparently there is a need to forestall some potential disasters that could occur such as a major rip through Arkansas and Texas caused by Fracking practices.  Some psychically inclined folks in Australia and New Zealand have been picking up signals that such an event has potential to occur soon.  WE of course have the power to manifest a positive outcome instead, but only if we actively participate in the healing process.

So one of my first tasks is to gather a few Light working friends and travel down to Lipan Creek between San Antonio and Corpus Christi and see if we can feel the energies and discover what we can do to put some positive vibes there ourselves.

Fracking is of course a very real problem created by really evil individuals with no regard for nature or human life forms, not even their own.

So if you are so inclined and have a few dollars for gas, please let me know and we can get on down there to see what’s going on and start the healing project right away!

Your gallant help is appreciated by the Cosmos!

Blessings and Love,


Please visit my donation link posted above!


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