3 Owl, 4 Earth, upcoming days

3 Owl should be a day of moving wisdom.  I received a message to stay humble and quiet!  I did get some agreements from folks who want to buy my art!

4 Earthquake – this day is gonna Rock!  Thoughts are flowing everywhere like hot magma! (July 31)

5 Flint – Love cuts, sacrifice (Aug.1)

6 Rainstorm – Healing community!

7 Ahau – Sun light in balance. End of first uinal cycle of this tzolkin!

8 Imix – A crazy unprdictable day.  A good day to humble yourself before the Lord of that year, lest one become possessed by him.  Jan 24, 2001 was an 8 Imix day when millions of Hindus bathed in the River Ganges!  This is also the day the Galactic Federation and other etheric sources say they have given the Illuminati and World leaders to disclose the existence of ETs!  Not that anything like that may happen and niether should we expect immediate consequences, but as I have told you in previous posts, WE can call the ETVs down ourselves!  They are Listening to your heart, not your brain, btw!

9 Ik – Ehecatl, Aztec god of Wind.  In Austin we will be Om-ing the Dome of the State Capitol building.  I am glad that other Lightworkers have been responding to this call.  IF you want to be at the Capitol Dome itself, please go!  If you feel called to help expand this energy on the grid around Austin, please let me know!  WE need more people around the UT Tower meditating with crystals at the same time as the Om the Dome is happening – at least 13 or 20 people, some around the outside, others inside.  Allow your intuition to tell you where you need to be!  Also, there is a small park near the Capitol, and one other park with a chess board in downtown Austin where people should be.  I plan to take a few strong Light workers to the Stratfor building 211 6th st., to help clear some of the dark energies there.  With all the INTENTION flowing around Austin, we stand a great chance of anchoring the Light for everybody!



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