6 Kawok/Cauac/Rainstorm Healing the community, teaching


This should be a mellow day that allows us time to heal, mend fences, teach compassion to others.

I have been working on getting the Belize expedition planned and finalized!  It is going to be an awesome ride!

I have also got new opportunities popping up but it all takes lots of preparation.

Tomorrow is the last day of the first Uinal- 20 day cycle – of the current tzolkin.  12 more to go, but tomorrow there will be only 180 days to Dec. 21, 2012!

Tonight in San Marcos, TX our Ce-5 group will once again summon the Mothership!  Try not to eat too heavy a meal or drink any alcohol!  [Note: we will meet at Coffeepot, not Tantra! 8pm]

It is amazing to me how the wheat is getting separated from the chaff.  It is time to open the floodgates of wisdom and knowledge from the Source via your intuition!

Fear is no longer an option.  Love is the key to the Universe!

So as for the Om the Dome, what is going on seems to be that there is a haze of dark energy over our beloved city of Austin.  So much so, that even those lovely New Agey, hipster yoga and crystal children are caught in lower vibrations.

I hope I don’t get too much blowback from that statement. There are plenty of awesome people doing great Light work, it just needs focus now and long-term commitment to anchoring the light long after the meditators go home after the Om the Dome.  There is Darkness under the Capitol building that is unrelenting in its desire to control the population.  Just think of all the religious nutjobs who keep trying to ban abortions and lobby for chemical polluters and nuclear power, and frackers!!!

So this is why I am begging other serious Lightworkers to take positions around UT Tower and other points that can create a flowing energy Light Grid around town.  If you can feel it, come out and help Sunday at noon at the UT Tower!  I will try to be there.  Then after regrouping at the Capitol, some of us may go to the Stratfor office at 6th and Lavaca to clear some of the dark energy from that place.  http://www.stratfor.com

Truth and Love can change the world if we want it to, and if we act like we want it to!

Remember – you will never see the Mothership if you don’t go outside and look to the sky!!!!

Peace and Love,

Carlos http://www.theaustinalchemist.com/maya-daykeeper-shaman-carlos-cedillo/

Mothership Descending from a Cloud – 2002 by Carlos Cedillo


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