8 Crocodile/hypnotist

Strong Hypnosis happening today. of course, like all energies, it can be positive or negative.  I am betting today it will be very positive.

I had a great dream last night.  It involved a couple who’s relationship was on the rocks, so to speak.  I got them to the point the wife felt beautiful again and the husband was feeling strong and ready to fight me.  Instead of fighting I climbed into an old van and was surprised it started and I drove out of town.  There was an ocean with breaking waves and beautiful white sea-birds.  I heard a tour guide’s voice telling a group a stroty, that had I not got out of town I may have taught guitar lessons to students who would have just gotten killed ten years later and that the birds belonged here, not us.  When I woke from this dream I knew I have never felt as free as I do right now!

Ok, so tomorrow is 9 Wind, light-spirit day!  Om the Dome is at 12am.  Anyone who wants to help me Om at the UT Tower please meet up outside of the Cactus Cafe (is it still called that?) around 11:30AM and we will decide how to best position ourselves for meditation.

Other people will be at the park near the Capitol.

Let’s make this happen, we can Shift Texas into the Light once and for all!

on another 8 Crocodile day this happened: http://www.socialstudiesforkids.com/articles/currentevents/kumbhmela.htm

Peace and Love,


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