11 lizard, net

Today I fee like a different person. I know for certain that my life’s mission has drastically altered from what I imagined it was during the previous tzolkin round.

Knowing that WE can call down Extra terrestrial Vehicles at will, that is a huge deal. It is only a matter of creating the right conditions for them to land.

There is no need to convince anyone of what is right or wrong about this, it is a choice if someone wants to keep their eyes shut or heads in the sand about it.

Just a few months ago i was so worried about becoming famous with my music or art, wondering how i was ever going to make any money. Wondering how i could have better relationships, worried about my family’s health and welfare.

Truly, all those things seem trivial next to communicating with completely other worlds!

All wil be fine, always. There is no death, taxes are a lie. There is infinite abundance for everybody to do anything.

God is still real. Jesus buddha krishna mayan ancestors great spirit goddess gaia none of that changes …yet! I have not been on board to hear what they say are the real answers to creation.

If you are not on board with the new paradigm, i pray you find or way to the light one way or another.

There is still work to be done! We must focus the light on areas of the world that may still be under the heavy dark influence. The light grid is activated, but are YOU turned on to it yet?

Climb on board the Mothership! Your heart will sing!



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