13 Kame, Cosmic Death, Do you want Ascension or not?

I have to begin today’s post with a parable.

A Zen master and his pupil were walking down a jungle path.  The Zen master had just explained to his student the teaching that “All of life is merely a dream.”  As they walked, a mad elephant appeared rushing towards them.  The Zen master quickly stepped out of the path of the elephant, but the student stood still and was crushed by the on coming beast!  As the pupil lay dying, he asked the Zen master, “Why was I crushed by this elephant, I thought you said life was only a dream?”  The Zen master looked at him and said, “Yes, indeed, life is merely a dream, but that elephant was also part of the same dream!”

Yesterday, many souls gathered in meditation circles to honor the 8-8-12 Lion’s gate portal.  I was with a group of 8 persons on top of Enchanted Rock outside of Fredericksburg, TX for a crystal skull activation.  My intention was actually to go and see the ETVs that WE have been working with the past couple of weeks and to meditate in front of the tree on top of E-Rock that is actually an entrance to the ETV portal beneath the Rock.  It was a very cloudy day and I was praying that the sky would clear or that the ETVS would break through the clouds in to the lower atmosphere.  During the Lion’s gate invocation and meditation I noticed a Large round object above our heads peeking through the clouds.  My inner senses told me this was a great Mothership, and others in the group said it must be one of the Sirian Council’s ships.  Some people in the group were very new to this type of experience, even to say they had never experienced a group meditation.  I think that the clouds must have been an outward manifestation of what some of them had happening on a deeper soul level.

Usually with the CE-5 group in San Marcos, after an initial meditation during which we are already starting to see some ETVs, we try to maintain our meditative state of mind and this allows us to be present for any number of ETVs to make themselves visible to us.  With the group on Enchanted Rock there was pretty much a quick dissolution of the cohesive energy that we achieved during the invocation and meditation.  Some began to drink beer and smoke and even though I had the ET Contact Tool playing music to attract the ETVS, others wanted to hear Pop music.  General discussions began and the event took on the atmosphere of a party rather than a meditation circle.

Now, there are so many loving and beautiful souls waking up and doing amazing acts of loving kindness all around us!  I want to commend those with such great hearts and consciousness who heed the call of Awakening to Love!  All the Reiki masters, all the Yoga instructors, all the Orgonite makers, all the Channels of Divine Light Beings, all the peaceful warriors who find ways to spread love at their daily tasks at work, schools, hospitals and all manner of public institutions, private retreats, religious temples, etc.,etc.,etc….

What I want to ask all of you now is, do you want to be the Zen Master in the parable or the pupil?

Two weeks ago I sent out a message imploring volunteers to step up to the plate and assist me with Light working activities to advance us all into the Shifting of Ages.  I did not even know at the time exactly how important the work was going to be!  I was responding to messages from a fellow Light worker that resonated deep within my soul that the Shift had been stalling.  Several folks have since taken heed to my words and have begun taking their Light Work much more seriously in ways I could never have imagined!  So there has been great advancement since I put out that original call for assistance.  Thank you all!

[At this point I think you should know what is coming, this is a message, don’t shoot the messenger!]

One of the greatest shifts that has taken place in the past two weeks is the new found ability to call down the Extra-Terrestrial Vehicles at will!  Yes, that is what I mean, that YOU can walk outside and directly communicate with other worldly Beings and they will show up in their crafts to let you know they heard you and are right there above you.  They wish to make our lives easier with their superior technology and for us to be a part of the Galactic family of Light.  They want us to know that they are no different from us and wish that we could share our light with them as well!

The big ELEPHANT charging at us right now is doubt.  I am writing today as the Zen Master in the parable telling you to step out of the path of doubt and Darkness.  The doubt is just a symptom of the pervasive Darkness that veils the Truth from those who are “not ready.”  There simply is no turning back now and those who do not want to flow with the shifting energies, well, they are like the pupil in the parable.

It is one thing to say, “I do yoga” or “reiki” or “permaculture gardening” or “crystal healing”, “psychic intuitive channeling” etc…any of countless New-Age practices.  What I ask of you now is “Why?”  What is your true, deepest motivation?  Are you aware that all of these fantastic practices were merely stepping stones to greater Cosmic Awareness?!?!

There is a great Mad Elephant charging straight at all of us!  That creature is what is known as the “Dark Cabal” or “Illuminati” or “Corporate domination.”  This is not news really.  We have seen it in the English speaking countries of the world (and most of Europe) since 1980.  It’s modern roots go back to pre-WWII and the fascist regimes that may have lost their leaders, but not all of the followers were eliminated, and the true instigators of the previous century’s madness never got near a military strategy room but laughed and drank champaign in the corporate boardrooms as puppet regimes carried out their dirty work for them.

How that translates to each of us on a personal, everyday level is that we suffer from brainwashing and amnesia at the hands of modern mass-media owned by those very same members of the Dark Cabal.  We drink the beer they sell us, take their pharmaceutical drugs, buy their fossil fuel burning vehicles, put our dollars (which are not really ours) in their corrupt banks and stock exchanges, listen to the bland soulless music they play for us.  We get caught in the drama of competition and baseless fear of anyone not like us.  We remain silent while they spew one twisted lie after another.

For centuries it has been an issue way too big for the common person’s mind to grasp.  Even those who did read about it or had to suffer through the persecution could not believe that such a force was at work except in the minds of the most outlandish science-fiction writers, but it is TRUTH.  Ye shall know the Truth, and it is now up to you to use it to set yourself free, or to go back to sleep waiting for the nightmare to just be over.

It is a conscious choice.  Do you believe your actions now make a difference?  Do you know a part of this Truth that you are not sharing with the world because you think the masses are “not ready?”  Do you think that the problem is still too big for us to handle and that otherworldly forces should take care of the issues for you?

Are you wishing I would shut up and stop disturbing your slumber party?

You are all leaders of our worldly community.  Do you wish to be part of the Galactic Community or not?  Do you wish to raise your vibrations to match the frequency of Star Beings who are here among us or are you just practicing Om-ing circles so you can temporarily find relief from your sense of existential isolation?

I know WE can do better, and my message is that there is no other Time except for right NOW to do this higher dimensional WORK.

We cannot allow the charging elephant of the Dark Cabal to regain their foothold on World power that so many Light workers and Light Beings have struggled so long to free ourselves, and the rest of humanity, from.

It is an intergalactic challenge.  To motivate the slumberers to awake and awaken right now!

So ask yourself WHY!?!!?!  Why have I learned about the sacred power of crystals, Why do I practice Yoga and teach about eating organic food?  Why do we sit in a circle and Om?  Clear our chakras? Open our pineal glands?  Burn candles and incense?  Pray?  Meditate?  Love?  Why should we do these things if we do not expect the Earth herself to Shift to a scientifically measurable higher vibration?

Why do we get upset when the prophecy of a mass decloaking of ET craft does not happen when the crop circles said they would?  Is that what the crop circles and Galactic Federation really said, or did they say just that on these days there would be opportunity for more humans to make the shift to higher consciousness?

You all know the Truth that is in your heart.  All the great masters of all the ages said so.  (Those who told you the answer was only found in your head, through logic and reason and selfishness were obviously part of the Dark Cabal.)

I love you because I know we are ONE earth family of Light.  I have seen the Space ships of our Galactic Neighbors.  I teach about Sacred Time and why that time exists only in the NOW.

Are you with me?  Are you ready?  Do you believe in your heart, or are you not convinced by my logic and reasonings?

The Truth is our sword, pick it up and get out of the way of the charging mad elephants!

In Service to Love,

Carlos Cedillo




2 thoughts on “13 Kame, Cosmic Death, Do you want Ascension or not?

  1. WOW! How awesome that you are stepping up, standing up, speaking up, showing up, which all in all helps you go “UP” with your ascension. Powerful words with powerful energies behind them, and yes, you ‘hit me over the head’ with your challenge: “Do you know a part of this Truth that you are not sharing with the world because you think the masses are “not ready?” That’s been me–square on. For many years I was not ‘allowed’ to speak some Truths as it was not time for the revealing (revelations); other times, it’s been too much of a long, steady stream of ‘naysayers’ in my journey that I allowed to wear me down. So, thank you for the wake up call! Let’s keep moving and
    when we do look back, we can say “what a ride!”……

  2. My mama didn’t raise no fool.With.a charging elefant you should get out of the way.I know what I’ve seen and the three of us have witnessed and we shall all see very shortly the raising vibrations will bring this to manifest. namaste I love you two dearly.

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