4 Dog, For the Dogs, Extended Family, Anything for Love

I have to start out with an apology for my deliverance of last week’s message.  Not for the substance of the message, I stand behind what I said, we clearly need a much bigger goal in mind when doing Light work.  The goal now is to Initiate the Disclosure and to communicate and to Commune with our Galactic Light family, for that we must be psychically ready and state our intentions directly.  It is how I said it that should have been a bit more tactful.  I did not mean to denigrate the wonderful experience that I had with the group on Enchanted Rock for the 8-8 Lion’s Gate portal, the meditation and invocation were wonderful.

Today is all about our family, extended family and Light family we may encounter anywhere in the Universe!

So, let’s not be cross towards one another, but let’s re-unite in harmony and purpose.  There is great work we need to do in the third dimension to awaken those still disconnected from the higher dimensions.

Over the weekend I was at South Padre island with my great Light friend Laura so she could have a vacation from her work, but for me it was about doing the work carrying the Light to the southernmost tip of Texas (almost, we were not quite at the Rio Grande).  We meditated on the jetty at the tip of the island and we were welcomed by a sea turtle and a dolphin!  There were beautiful sea birds all around us as well.  I felt a special connection with the sea turtle, like it was truly waiting for us to thank us for the work we accomplished spreading the light-grid to that part of Texas.

We took my brother out with us to the North part of the island to watch for Motherships, but we only saw one that was for sure not a satellite.  He is not quite the believer that I am his hobby is science-fiction.  He did get to see a few great meteors though!

On our way home we made two special stops.  First we exited of highway 37 at Campbelton, TX on highway 791.  We noticed so many fracking operations going on in that area, it was very disheartening.  I posted an email my friend Deb wrote about this a couple of weeks ago  HERE.  Laura and I found an old church, the Sacred Heart Church, built in 1939.  We prayed and invoked the help of Virgen de Guadalupe, St. Francis,GFL, Ashtar, St. Germain, Archangels, etc…. We asked that the people of the area stop supporting the fracking operations, that they find the courage through their Sacred Heart to stand up against the corporations, that nature be protected and revived.  (Laura and I had visited the Sacre Cour cathedral in Paris years ago!)  As we left the church we noticed it was on the corner of St. Francis and Guadalupe streets!  As we drove through San Antonio, we decided to stop at the Alamo and do some grid work there.  We connected the Sacred Heart church we had just visited to the Alamo and Padre Island as well as the Capitol in Austin and UT Tower and up to the crystal mountains of Arkansas.  I think we accomplished a lot!

We still need more of our fellow Light workers to step up and begin doing the same kind of grid work!!!

So, conscious Light Grid work and CE-5, or as I call it, “Calling down the Mothership” work are two areas that we need believers to get to work on!

The few of us who are taking this work seriously can accomplish a great deal, but those of you reading this who have not been (for whatever reason) out there doing the meditations, invocations, activations, etc., I ask, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????  An invitation????


Peace Love and energy!



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