5 Monkeys Looming threads

Hey, it’s Surprise day! Love surprises? There is a connection to our primal urges, our natural curiosity, ties that bind us together.

Funny, there are no major astrological alignments today!

This article shows why we need to be doing Light grid work, and be doing it now! It was told to me by a friend that there was not enough movement happening in the Gulf of Mexico, and this is exactly what the article says is part of the problem. There was no mention of the BP oil rig catasrophe or the corexit chemicals used in the cleanup….but I imagine that must have something to do with it as well.

This was in response to an article I read this morning….

I was expecting this message to be more of a chastisement of humans like the skeptics and naysayers and false prophets. Did any of you actually go outside and look at the sky?

FACT: you will not be able to ever see anything like a Extra-Terrestrial spacecraft if you do not A) Believe they are real, B) Believe YOU are important enough and spiritually ready to see them and C) Go outside everynight meditating and stating out loud your Intention to commune with them!

If you have not sincerely tried this, but instead stay in your home and watch TV or go out to bars drinking or to sports and other cultural diversions, just WHEN do you expect to see the ETVs?

They are not going to knock on your door and say “Here we are!”

The governments are run by corporations who do not want you to have free energy and the myriad other technological and medical advances that our Space Brothers are ready to provided, so do not expect that major announcement by Barack Obama or any other government any time soon.

The only answer is do-it-yourself disclosure. WE do it OUR selves in San Marcos, TX and other small groups around the world are doing it already just about every night.

Much Love!




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