13 Rainstorm, Cosmic Lessons


I know I have not written anything in over a week…not because there was nothing to write about, just real busy on my new BOOK!

There have been incredible Cosmic lessons learned this trecena.  11 Earthquake was when the Republican  ideology went nuclear, kaboom in their faces…(hehe almost said feces!)

Really, NO abortions at all?  No early voting days in urban, (i.e. majority Black populated areas)?  What Republicans desperately wish for was life like it was back in the 1850’s!  Balcks and women were not considered full-fledged citizens, and something less than human.  Which makes it odd that they want corporations and fertilized zygotes to have full personhood status.

8 Jaguar was another incredible day when Pussy Riot, the all girl punk band from Russia were given two years in prison for protesting Putin inside the Russian Orthodox church.  This sparked a world wide protest of Pussy Riot supporters yelling “Free Pussy Riot” always in English, no matter what country they were in!

There were maybe two or three nights in the past trecena that we did NOT see ETVs.  So the track record is still awesome for the ET contact team, or CE-5 group.  I don’t know if they were out there every night in San Marcos, but I make sure to be out everynight in San Marcos or New Braunfels area.


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