1Ahau, Xochiquetzal

Sex on the brain today? It’s Xochiquetzal day!

Youthful beauty is powerful yet ephemeral as well. Don’t try to fight it either way, simply allow it to move you for a while.

It is 1Sun and you may feel soft and vulnerable but this is just the start of the road to our collective Destiny thirteen days from now.

Tomorrow is 2 Crocodile, so make two wishes! Make them radically different from eachother for maximum manifestation!

Then saturday is 3 wind, lift your sails, be ready for take off!

Sunday, 4 Night, it’s all about your home and it may need expansion. Dreams of your future may make you feel like you are spreading yourself too thin but at least you can travel to far off places in your dreams!

Monday is 5 Lizard, get ready to net that abundance, but stay humble or it will end up being too good to be true! Cut loose those entanglements.

We are only 40 days into the current tzolkin round, so there are still 220 days to go.  It has been 300 days since Oct. 28, 2011!

There are only 120 days until 4 Ahau, Dec. 21, 2012!  If you did not take the opportunity to Ascend your consciousness last year, the opportunity is wide open!  Those of us who did the work are talking to ETVs (formerly known as UFOs).

Do it!  Meditate, clear those chakras, yoga, Reiki, whatever you need to get rid of the stale belief systems from the previous Age.

You see with the Republican platform that stale ideas lead to degeneration of everything our ancestors fought for.  People struggled and died so that we could enjoy pure Freedom!  No more struggle, no more death!

Peace and Love,


P.S. get a Maya calendar chart reading from me now, sliding scale, pay what you can!



Chillin, just like Bob Dylan….


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