1 Reed 2 Jaguar 3 Eagle

Today is 2 Jaguar, I have to take a kitten to the vet to get his little balls cut off!

We had the most interesting CE-5 gathering last night (1 Reed) with more music playing for us through the Magnetometer! (see videos)

Thank you Sol (Jay Bartlett) for gracing us with Qi Gong, I believe that added greatly to the viewing of the ships last night.  Again they showed up right at the start as they had done at the Blue Moon ceremony in Wimberley.  I was still saying the opening prayer and invocation when an ETV started flying over us.  When I finished we all looked up and it got very bright as if to say “Hello” then faded out as it dropped down the sky.  a few others showed up later but the most exciting part was when the magnetometer spontaneously began playing music!  It did not stop until it got too late and we picked it up, but even then after I turned off the iPad, the signal still came through and much faster and more determined.

Tomorrow is 3 Eagle so get ready to say those abundance prayers!




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