5 Earthquake 9.9.12

We experienced yet another musical ET communication last night [4 Owl] at the Prospect Park compass! It was only Laura and myself there. We went for a great nature hike on Dante’s trail where we saw a pack of wild turkeys, then we ate a great meal at Palmer’s restaurant before going to the compass. It was a little cloudy but I have been manifesting that we see them come through the clouds for a long time now, and finally one ETV did flash at us from behind the clouds!

There were about six ETVs last night, one flashed at us twice and the one that went through the clouds flashed about three times. The magnetometer began playing music after that and it was at a different frequency than the previous times, about 395 to 398 instead of the 465-470 range of the last two times.

Here it is !

This is a message of JOY!

Last night I dreamt a musical dream, maybe because of the ET music experience. I saw a child prodigy composer at a piano in a run down apartment, there were friends of his there too. We all went to a flea market and I found some crystals on the ground, I had to ask a friend to borrow money to buy them. At the end of the deal one friend did not get a crystal, so I went back and found a really nice clear octahedron for him and we traded it for a half empty bottle of liquor. Then back at the piano the child prodigy is performing a song and one girl there starts singing and is happy to be able to sing again. (This was someone from my past). As we all were leaving, she went one way and everyone else another way, I told her there were 7 of me and only 1 of her and we should all stay together…I woke up before knowing which way she would go…..

Today is a good day to raise your thoughts up to higher dimensions and think about love!




One thought on “5 Earthquake 9.9.12

  1. rick

    Carlos this is so amazing i just know the music our sitings and all the energy coming in is perparing us for the “EVENT” i look forward to us getting together this week at enchanted rock,if not then here.You and laura are very special to me. Namaste

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