13 Serpent Repent, no, Get Bent!

Hey, it’s time for serious yoga, Qi gong, Tai Chi, Tie Stick, whatever gets you flowing.  [without proper grounding you may end up being a petty dictator and warmonger like GWB and OSB who were both 13 serpent!]

I know I’ve been out of whack with this blog again, but it is for a great reason!  I am working like mad on my new iBook memoirs!

Soon you will understand more than you ever thought there was to know about me and you wil have hours and hours of my music so that you can hear and feel the vibrations of the Maya calendar the way I have been trying to explain it to everyone for almost a full Katun now!  (a katun is 19.5 years approx.)  Lots of pretty pictures too!

So we are now 1/4 of the way through a tzolkin round.  Today’s energy will be as intense as the 13 Reed day that happened July 27th.  If you’ve been paying attention to reality, then you know that we have reached great heights in the process of Ascension!  There has been overwhelming presence of our Space brothers in the skies all over the world, rural and city sightings, north, south, east and west!

As one human society, we have been giving away our power to governments, religions and corporations and now we can take it back with do-it-yourself disclosure of ETVs and Free energy devices – Orgone! yeah!  We have taken back the skies as there are fewer and fewer Chem-trails.  It is my rationale that such a program as spraying various chemical aerosols in the sky to keep people stupid would ultimately backfire on the perpetrators, who themselves must be pretty stupid.  It must have been one hell of an expensive program and they would have run out of the chemicals or made them cost prohibitive eventually.

The truth about all religions is coming crashing upon our consciousness.  “God” cannot be owned by any one religious institution, so it really must mean that they are all wrong!  The message most true prophets have been trying to tell us is simply that we are ALL ONE and that ONE is ALL, therefore treat all Beings, even inanimate objects as you would like yourself to be treated, because, duh, it is you and you are IT!

Also interesting to note today is the 1 year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street!  I think the new slogan should be “I AM 100% free and sovereign individual” or my personal slogan, “I AM the Violet Flame of Freedom’s Love!”

Saturday (11 Akbal/Night/House) at the Centro I sold some art!  Randall Wood is buying “Aquarius” from my zodiac collection and the Daniel Guerrero the Mayor of San Marcos was looking at a couple of pieces to adorn City Hall!!!

I have found a sweatlodge I can attend regularly now!  Yeah!  Every Friday and every other Sunday in Wimberley.   It feels so good to clear out all the gunk in my system and my heart and mind are getting clearer and clearer each sweat.  FEEL the Love Y’all!

Blessings and Peace!





3 thoughts on “13 Serpent Repent, no, Get Bent!

  1. debra whiddon

    thanks Carlos! That’s awesome about the art–your time is here! ( without). peace, d

    Debra Whiddon 361.494.7232

    “Follow the path of the rainbow, and the colors of its prism will light your way to eternity” -Great One Tree of Many Forests Near and Far


  2. shine on you crazy diamond.I’m very happy to call you and laura my friends.Hope we might get afew friends together this week for ce-5 also want to talk on my chart and the calender.Had a wet but good weekend at enchanted rock. Namaste

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