1 Death, 2 Deer, 3 Rabbit, CE-5 reports.

Hey y’all

Two nights ago [One Death] LP and I saw some great lights out at Canyon Lake, TX.  In the afternoon we went around NB putting crystals around flag poles, church steeples, cell phone towers, and the Gazebo the Chamber of Commerce building.  Guerrilla Lightworking!  Grid work helps to call down the Light Ships!  Get your grid work on, where ever you are, find crystals and bury them around important buildings and tall land marks.

Next week we are going to do grid work in San Marcos and Wimberley!

At Canyon Lake we saw about four or five ships, then we saw two moving together, trailing each other!  Then there was one more very bright Light ship dropping down to the horizon!

Yesterday [Two Deer] I worked on a new guitar composition all day and then went to meet friends at Tantra for CE-5 at the Prospect park compass.  We did not see any Light ships, there was a strange vibe going on, for a while it seemed there was no airplane traffic either.  However, he magnetometer, was off the charts!  I even turned off the speaker and turned the magnetometer off and it still made sounds of the strange music.  Very bizarre!  Definitely some serious DNA upgrade code and communication happening.

Today is 3 Star/Rabbit/Semen, time to get your Rock Star energy flowing!

Better to burn out than fade away!

Peace and Love,



5 thoughts on “1 Death, 2 Deer, 3 Rabbit, CE-5 reports.

  1. Debra Whiddon

    Awesome about the work! I was reminded that you have a key for something in NB……time to open “it”. Blessings!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Renee Oglesbee

    Let me see if I can get directions to Prayer Mountain, perfect place! It looks out over most of Wimberley, great view and great place to hold small ceremony.

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